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XOXO Pillar Variant


Designer: The Maine

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The Maine's "XOXO: From Love and Anxiety In Real Time" Vinyl

- Limited edition Pillar Member Variant (Smoky Red)

- 180 Gram Vinyl 

- Limited to 500 copies

- Preorder

1. Sticky
2. Lips
3. Love In Real Time
4. High Forever
5. April 7th

6. If Your Light Goes Out
7. Pretender
8. Dirty, Pretty, Beautiful
9. Anxiety In Real Time
10. Face Towards The Sun




This item is available for preorder. This item and anything ordered alongside it will ship on or by July 9th, 2021. A digital download of the album will be sent on July 9th, 2021! 

Vinyl Variant Disclaimer 

The vinyl creating process is very unique. The vinyl colors are added by hand. No vinyl is guaranteed to look similar to another vinyl. The vinyl will look similar but not identical to the mocked image.

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