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Rock n' Roll Tie Dye + Ticket

Designer: The Maine


The Maine's "Rock N' Roll"  Tie Dye Tee 

- Unisex Tee

- Tie Dye

- Livestream Ticket (+ 30 days of Pillar for free)



1. If you are already a Pillar member, you do not need to purchase a live stream ticket again! 

2. If you purchased a one-time ticket to the previous event, your Pillar access will expire prior to this event and you will need to purchase a bundle with a ticket or become a monthly supporter! 

5. If you previously created a Pillar account but are no longer a member, you can sign in via your same login info as long as you check out with the exact same email address you used to create your Pillar account! 

4. Please check out with your desired email address that you wish to sign in to Pillar with! 

5. We will provide you an email 48 hours ahead of the live stream event to access your Pillar account if you are no or are purchasing a one-time ticket! 

6. Please make sure to check for an email from and make sure it is not in your spam folder! 




This item is available for pre-order and will ship on or by November 10th! We will most likely ship sooner but due to delays with USPS due to the election, we want to make sure you are aware that it may take longer! Thank you for understanding! 

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