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Sad Summer Outdoor Festival (Preset Pack)

Designer: Lupe Bustos


Sad Summer Outdoor Festival (Preset Pack)
- Compatible with Adobe Lightroom Desktop (only)
Hello! First off, thank you for purchasing these presets and I hope you enjoy them and use them as much as I do. Every preset is unique as well as every photo, I’d like to think of these as foundations when it comes to editing. When using these presets I suggest messing with the White Balance such as the temperature and tint and then heading Into the tone panel. The Tone panel will do so much for you, tweaking the exposure, contrast, highlights & shadows, etc...all these things are very important when editing photos. All photos are different in the sense some need more attention or some simply just need a few adjustments. Tone Curve is great for bringing out stuff that you wouldn’t really think is there such as shadows, diffusing harsh highlights or even adding some fade, it really does so so much to an image. Split Toning and adding different hues to highlights and shadows saves so many images for me, that's another huge thing I recommend, messing with and creating your own split tones. Last but not least is the HSL bars, these are MAJOR when it comes to editing for me. Either boosting certain colors or taking some completely out, the HSL is something I mess within every image.
SS Outdoor Festival Presets:
These 6 Outdoor Festival Presets are modeled after the last few summers that I’ve spent shooting outdoor venues, every situation is different and the lighting changes so fast so I tried my best to make these as diverse as possible. Enjoy!
⁃ summer of red
⁃ sad summer
⁃ supernova
⁃ sun kissed
⁃ rebel girls
⁃ daydreams

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