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The Maine: "You'll Never Know"

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 Hello Everyone, we are excited to announce that a new song from “Pioneer and The Good Love” UK/Europe release and “Good Love” (The Pioneer B - Sides EP) is now streaming on our youtube page. You can also purchase the single on Itunes HERE!

This song was recorded along with 26 other tracks. We are excited for you all to hear the songs that did not make Pioneer.

A message from The Maine:

This record represents persistence, passion and the failure to give in when all around have given up. Pioneer initially started out as an expeieriment. In this experiment, we attempted to take the creative process to lengths we had never gone before. We wrote and recorded 9 songs, took them to the powers that be, and were rejected. Instead of allowing this denial to be the end, we decided to take things further. Heading back to El Paso, TX we recorded an additional 17 songs, self-funding & co-producing (along with Colby Wedgeworth) them all while knowing there was a possibility they’d never see the light of day. Through it all, the only thing that kept us going was knowing that our fans were there for us.

Hello You!

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