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This Century: Italy (Update #1)

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 Cervilla, IT

The trip to Italy was some kind of crazy adventure time. Jetlagged and confused, we  make our way to the venue in Cervilla where we're greeted by the entrance of a mini-golf and tennis emporium at around 4am to the sounds of fantastico disco/dubstep/new metal party time music.  Apparently the venue is this very unique dancy trancy hall called Planet Rock which was not a planet nor a rock. In fact it was just a place to have an insanely wild time.  So with the dreams of techno music in our heads, we all slowly crashed out only to be woken by the thoughts of eating delicious pizza and drinking tiny cups of espresso the next morning.

Cervilla is this beautiful, quaint place...the kind of place that moves at its own pace and has shops that open whenever they feel the need to.  It has all the charm of those small italian towns you read about in those stories, you know which ones right?  The beach presses up against the city and is packed with speedo bearing men and beautiful faces...packed honestly would be an understatement. You can literally gaze for miles down the coast and see gigantic umbrellas arranged about.  After the nice beach romp we made our way for a bit of that delicious toasty, cheesy, tomatoe-y substance we'd been craving since the day we heard we were coming to Italy (the za')..It didn't dissapoint :)

Soundcheck moved along slowly as everyone worked out kinks of the new equipment and jammed some new jammy jams (I've used my quota of "y"'s for this blog and yes I'm aware of it).  It's funny how you can be thousands of miles away from home but the minute you step on that stage for soundcheck, it feels like home...anyways, pardon the cheese ball comment...the night goes off without any crazy hitches...everyone in Italy has been nothing short of kind to us...some of the sweetest fans..It was nice to learn a few italian words and not feel like you were offending someone every time you opened your mouth.  The show itself was lovely...hearing fans sing songs in a language that most of them do not speak fluently was quite beautiful, let   Sometimes you can't even comprehend how far your music reaches until you see it with your own two eyes...the dance party festivities afterwords were out of this world too (literally) Never have I seen a blend of nu metal  from 1999 and top 40 hits from 2006 work so seemlessly together..have to hand it to you Cervilla, Italy, you sure do know how to have a great time :)

Milan, IT

It's an odd feeling to fall asleep and wake up in a completely different city without having the slightest clue what happened. That's what showing up in Milan felt like today.  The venue had it's usual "venue musk" going on in full affect...its an odd cross between humidity and sweat, you should try it some time if you've never had the was crazy to see people lined up 8 hours before the show just basking in the heat, that is some serious dedication right thurrr...Everyone we've met so far has been so incredibly pleasant and accomodating..I've finally learned the phrase "how do you say" which I've abused significantly. It just feels wrong not to atleast attempt to say some words in Italian every so often

The venue we performed at was in this interesting building/radio station/I have no clue..Unfortunately we were unable to see the city of Milano in it's entirety..I was told that I had just had just missed some sort of fashion week which is probably for the better because I
probably would have never left if that was the case...The show was think we would be playing Milano one day is mind blowing ten times over...talking to people outside saying they've been waiting 4 years to see baffles the mind...for someone to wait for you without knowing they're waiting for you...that something you don't forget

After the show we were treated to a game of soccer's version of monkey in the middle...definitely aren't the most coordinated bunch when it comes to kicking something..I think we're more efficient with the whole catch/shoot thing..we'll be better next time :) Well it's off to bed, only to wake up tomorrow in Barcelona on the beach...that's right, Barcelona on the beach...holy moly.

- This Century

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