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Butter Toast Boutique: I Wish I Knew What I Know Now When I Was Younger

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My name is Jasmine Jarrett, I have been collecting everything vintage since about age 15 and started dealing vintage clothing in 2006, when I started Billie Goat Vintage, an online vintage clothing store. In 2008 Traci Nelson, my now business partner and I launched Butter Toast Boutique in Downtown Phoenix. We hoped around the downtown area for the first year or so but we have found our home in the up in coming Roosevelt Row District.

Its been awhile since I have shopped for "back to school" and by awhile I mean at least 10 years  but I still get a slight flutter just thinking about how this time of year was for me... and it wasn't back to school jitters or the excitement of seeing my friends, it was the shopping

When I was 6, maybe 7 years old my dad asked me what I would do if I had a million dollars and of course, I said "shop till I drop!" So back to school was just another excuse to go shopping! Christmas and my birthday were great, because I would get few new clothes but for me, back to school meant I got to pick the clothes! 

Unfortunately for me, I had a case of fashion growing pains. My love for fashion clashed with my tomboy needs for comfort and minimal effort. I loved fashion and had a sense of style  but I didn't really want to wear it...... at least not the way I was attempting.

I can remember this one year perfectly, it's the 5th or 6th grade, Clueless was huge that year, and I HAD TO HAVE the plaid mini-skirt with the knee high stockings, mary janes and a flouncy blouse. I think I wore that outfit once. The rest of year was spent in cut off shorts and over sized t-shirts (side note: not much has changed, thats basically what I am wearing right now. HA! :)

Anyway, I think the best way to shop for school is comfy chique. Its quick and effortless and you'll get tons of  wear from the pieces you buy.

So, here is what I think is hot and practical for back to school AND the best part is most of
these pieces you can find at Butter Toast ;) Recycled, vintage and one of a kind!

1. Grandpa Cardigans. Love love love oversized sweaters and cardi's. (left "Lands End" right Butter Toast Boutique)


2. Ponchos. YUM. (, Butter Toast, Top Shop, Butter Toast, Layendecker)

3. Leather Shoulder Bag. A quality leather bag is a must have investment piece. It will last forever and if you spend your money right, it will last you a life time. We have a few already-worn to perfection bags at BTB. (Butter Toast)

4. Leather Boots. Same concept as the leather bag. Buy a pair of leather flats and you will literally live in them. I promise. (Butter Toast)

5. An easy way for men to look stylish with not a lot of effort: Vests and a classic denim shirt. Boys, buy a basic denim shirt and change it up with different vests or grandpa cardigans. (Fashion Trend SeekerButter Toast)

For more clothing check out my store 

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