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Sweet Talker: Appreciate Everyone

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I recently returned to Phoenix from my hometown in Denver, CO. My best friend and former band mate Adam Keaveny was in a terrible accident and has spent the last month in the hospital. Usually I don't feel compelled to share personal things like this on a public spectrum, but I feel obligated to share. Many of us move through life not living up to our full potential and more importantly letting ourselves lose sight of what's most important. I am no different, however my experience has given me a new outlook on all accounts. I want even more than ever to live each day with everything I have in me and appreciate everyone I meet and every opportunity that comes my way. If there's one thing I know it's that what you put out into the world whether it be positive or negative comes back to you just the same. Love everyone and especially treat everyone how you would want to be regardless of the things that make us all different. Tell your friends and family how much you love and appreciate them today, and while you're at it, tell yourself the same thing.

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