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The Maine: Tour Update from Kennedy

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Hello Peoples of this world!

It's been a fun trip so far in Europe! We stared out in Italy and
Spain, both of which I've never been to, and found out there are many
wonderful fans that have been waiting for us! Germany was awesome as
well, although we had to leave cologne a little early on our off day.
Apparently the police found a bomb from world war two, that needed to
be defused, so we decided it was best to keep movin!
I celebrated my birthday on the 13th of this month, on a long drive
between Madrid, Italy and Paris, France.  Thank you for all of the
birthday wishes and for the love I've been shown! I have been thinking
lately how fortunate I am to have seen so much of the world, and yet I
am still so young. I am constantly in awe every time even one person
shows up to a show, whether it is at home or in across the world in
Europe. This is a wild life, and I plan on making the most of it!
Now it's on to the UK and finally the the Philippines. I am really
looking forward to some great shows and familiar faces! We've got
quite a few songs to play, so get ready! Take care everyone and I will
see you soon!



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