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Tim Kirch: Favorite (recent) photos by Dirk Mai

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Hello everyone, I have been working on an awesome new project with Dirk Mai and 8123. Our goal is to create a platform for aspiring photographers that will help them create, share, and promote their art. I love working with creatives on a daily basis, I am excited to launch a platform that will help young artists turn their hobbies into a career.  

In the process, I was looking over Dirk's blog, I thought I would share some of my favorite photo's that Dirk has taken over the past year. I have been working with Dirk for a few years now, I love how he can capture such raw and real moments through his lens. 

Check out Dirk's website for more of his photos/videos! 

More information on the Dirk Mai and 8123 collaboration coming soon! 


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