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For starters this Europe tour is incredible. This is also my first tour in a bus....a double Decker bus to be exact. It is wonderful. I am really grateful to be on tour with such good people. The food, people and surroundings in Italy are all fantastic. It's funny trying to attempt to speak Italian. Really looking forward to the rest of this adventure. Hope to see new faces very soon!!!

There once was a boy named ______________  (proper noun)
Every morning when he woke up, the first thing he'd do was ___________ (adjective) his legs        
Next he would try on his ________________'s Jeans to (sister or brother)
See if he felt like wearing them that day.
Now that the boy had his outfit for the day he was ready for his big challenge.
He was to slay the __________________(cute animal) Lord Zandermilk!!!
Once he defeated this horrible creature he went home to his village and he was awarded a big ________________________(favorite pizza
For his galliant efforts.
Long live the new king!!! ______________ (proper noun)

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