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Dirk Mai + The Maine Exclusive Print

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 Hey Everyone, I've got a poster up for sale now and just wanted to give the story behind it along with a couple extra exclusives from the same day. 

This photo along with the two extra exclusives are from last winter while I was out with The Maine on the All Time Low tour. We were in South Hampton this day and found a piano on the second floor of the venue in one of the dressing rooms. There was really nice natural light in there so I took the guys up to take some photos. John sat down and started playing the piano (as you can see in the two exclusives included) and as everyone else gathered around the piano, the image for this poster was captured. 

THE MAINE & DIRK MAI - NEW PRINT "KEYS" - order the new print now

Extra photos! 


  • Isa: October 10, 2012

    Good job, Dirk! The babys look like big boys on this photo. Kidding! haha <3

  • Casey: October 08, 2012

    Love these, Dirk! Did you shoot them with an analog or digital?

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