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8123 Exclusive: Stop Dead - Some Kind of Dangerous EP Stream

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We are excited to announce the release of Stop Dead's debut EP, Some Kind of Dangerous. Stop Dead is a side project from This Century's drummer Ryan Gose. We are streaming the entire Some Kind of Dangerous EP below. Make sure to pick up your copy here and stay tunned for details on an exclusive Stickam performance and chat with Ryan. 

. Some Kind of Dangerous by Stop Dead

Let us know what you think of the EP in the comments section! 


  • Naceur: December 11, 2012

    Obviously, regardless of age, they don’t need every dieatl. But being honest about how you feel, and even stating plainly that it is inappropriate to discuss the dieatls, sets the example to your kids so that they can feel free to be honest with you. Thank you so much for contributing to the conversation!

  • Emily Chester: October 17, 2012

    I think Ryan has done such a great job with this EP! i love the sound, and can’t wait to see what happens with Stop Dead in the future :)

  • lauren: October 17, 2012

    Uhh Ryan this is fabulous?! I have to go buy this right away so I can play it in my car!

  • Carol Sousa: October 16, 2012


  • Cintia: October 16, 2012

    o m g, i LOVED it!

  • Becca: October 16, 2012

    Too wonderful for words.

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