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From Indian Lakes: Joey's Weekend Playlist

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Sleeping Ute - Grizzly Bear

As a huge fan of their previous record 'Veckatimest', when I first saw that there was a new single from the band i had very high hopes. I remember listening to it while somewhere in the midwest with our then merch guy, and we both couldn't believe how this band could be so consistent. What a great band.

Knock Knock - Band Of Horses

I was in love with this bands first two albums and wasn't nearly as satisfied with the third, 'Infinite Arms', but as soon as this opening track brings you into their newest record you get this sense of a band that has learned what they do best and has sort of circled back to that sound while still trying some new stuff. Its a great garage rock song.

So Cold - Further Seems Forever

I was a big fan of these guys back in their day, and i was also a fan of early Dashboard Confessional songs, so when i saw that Chris Carraba was back as the singer and they had a new song out I was definitely curious. Although in my opinion, its very different from their previous sound, I was really impressed. The Singing sounds really raw and passionate, and the drums are still as awesome as they were on their records from years ago.

Anyones Ghost - The National

With this song I feel like this band has solidified their ruling as the coolest band of right now. The drum beats are all incredible, and the production on this song is so awesome. I love the harmonies in the chorus as well.

Take Me Dancing - The Maine

I've always respected The Maine. The more I have listened, the more I have dug them lately. This song really stuck out to me.

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