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An 8123 Halloween

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Okay, so today I tweeted something about doing a costume and pumpkin carving contest and it got a bigger response than I thought it would so I decided we would give it a shot... Here are some directions if you want to play along. 

8123 carving contest: 
  1. Carve us an EPIC or 8123 artist related pumpkin 
  2. Take a picture (make sure that baby is lite up!!), @ reply us on Twitter/Instagram and include #my8123pumpkinrulez 
  3. We will post all the pumpkins we receive on the Facebook page and blog
  4. YOU the people will choose the winners! 
  5. We will post all submissions on Halloween so make sure you are submitted before then! 
8123 costume contest: 
  1. Email ONE costume pic of yourself or a friend 
  2. It doesn't have to be 8123 related but it will definitely score you bonus points! 
  3. The winners costume will be posted on our blog 
Winners will receive some prizes from the store! Have fun, be safe and we can't wait to see the creativity! 

- Tanner 

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