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The Maine: It is Hallows EEEEEVE!

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I just went and picked out my costume for Halloween and a few little extra gizmos, with the other dudes. We've decided to be a bit more festive this year and decorate a bit.  So be prepared for a spoooooky set. 
Being in the Masquerade for Halloween couldn't be more perfect. I've heard it's haunted, certainly looks like a job for Dave Ghostman.

I am so happy to be around my good friends again, in Mayday Parade. We haven't been on a tour in the states with them for so long, I think four years! It feels like we never skipped a beat.

We just finished a week of amazing shows in the east. From very early on, Boston was a huge part of our band. On our first tours, we really found a home there and have always considered it to be one of our best markets. It was really something else, to walk out on the stage in front of an insane crowd, like the one at the house of blues, with our close long-time friends at our sides. It's been a crazy year, filled with a lot of uncertainties and hardships, but things seem to be really falling into place. I can really attribute a lot of that to anybody who has stood by us in this transition, our fans and friends.  

I hope to see lots of familiar faces at our upcoming shows, lets finish off the year right! 



  • Rebecca: October 31, 2012

    The concert on Sunday October 28th was AMAZING! My friend and I dressed up like a Sailor and a Cat, and we had an amazing time.

    We’ve actually seen The Maine once before, on Cinco de Mayo; I have seen Mayday twice before (The NorVA and Warped). But, both bands were so much better than I remembered!

    They both played new songs and old, and I couldn’t have been more thrilled to reminisce with the older music, and be so excited with the new.

    After the show, The Maine (and Mayday!) never fails to warm my heart with how loving they are with their fans. I absolutely adore every one of them, and was beyond thrilled to get to talk to both of them again, and tell them about how much I loved the show.

    I just want to thank the lovely boys of The Maine, and Mayday Parade of being so kind and sweet, and talking to, and taking pictures with every fan, big and small.

    I also want to thank John for tolerating my friend and I, for we asked quite a lot of him when it came to our turn…but he did it all! I asked him to say my favorite lyrics for my camera, (the ones that I have tattooed on my ribs), we took multiple pictures, and my friend gave him a condom. Oh, Paula. And in return, I gave him a beanie. I know it’s a small token for the large impact they’ve had on my life…but it’s the thought that counts, right?

    I can’t wait until the new album drops!! i’m so proud of The Maine for coming so far, and always being loyal to their fans!


  • Nina: October 30, 2012

    Can’t wait to see you guys in less than 24 hours! Definitely worth the two hour drive for Halloween!! I’ll be dressed up to!

  • Bea: October 30, 2012

    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s show, even if I’m not going to be there.

  • Marianna: October 30, 2012

    Wish I could go to the show tomorrow
    I mean I only live five hours away. :(
    But I’ll see you on sunday! :D

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