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8123: Q&A with Pat Kirch

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Have a question for Pat Kirch? Leave a comment below with your name and question. 
Pat will post his answers tomorrow in a blog post! 

Pat Kirch: "My 8123 Pin"


  • Denise Milarion: November 19, 2012

    What was your inspiration for Pioneer? And why was your album cover a man with lipstick on his lips? ((love the album!!!))

  • Denise Milarion: November 19, 2012

    Did you like Algebra or Math when you were in high school?

  • @PlaceAuxNiall: November 19, 2012

    What did you first think when you guys started the band? Did you think you could make it this big? Also, I didn’t get to see you guys in any of your shows here in Manila :-( hope to see you soon!!

  • Mali: November 13, 2012

    Do you like coming to play in Texas?

  • Meghana: November 10, 2012

    You guys have toured a lot. So are you used to the conditions of the bus and everything? And it’s so sweet how you guys meet your fans after the shows!

  • Meghana Naraparaju: November 10, 2012

    What’s the best part of touring for you and the band?

  • Ditte: November 09, 2012

    Hey Pat, are you guys ever gonna come to Denmark? We LOVE you here.

  • BRUNA VILLENS : November 09, 2012

    pat you forgot me but that’s ok, I still love you <3 please come back to Brazil, I’m missing you

  • Brooke bell: November 09, 2012

    Do yall ever fall for fans or spot any attractive ones and eye them?

  • Bruna Villens: November 09, 2012

    -Pat, what was the most amazing moment in this tour?

  • marie: November 09, 2012

    have u ever felt rejected by those closest to u??

  • Annika Coscolluela: November 09, 2012
    - what’s the best part about being from Arizona?

    - the most inspiring thing that a fan has told you?
    - craziest thing that you’d do for any of your brothers?

  • KARISSA CAFFREY: November 08, 2012

    Hey from the girl who got knocked out at the show in Pennsylvania, then rescued and taken on stage by the one and only; My question is… did y’all ever get the thank you note I left on side stage? If not, just wanted to say thank you and that you guys are incredibly kind. Thanks for caring about the people in the crowd. One more question… did you guys by any chance get a picture of me singing? Hahah -Karissa

  • Shelby: November 08, 2012

    HI. I got to meet you at Rocketown the other day and I think you’re so amazing. So thanks for that. ALSO I was wondering when you guys are all planning on touring again and if you all could come do a show at Bellarmine University. I know so many people here that love you.

  • beatrice: November 08, 2012

    How offend do you spit in public?

  • Eakes: November 08, 2012

    Is a computer science degree any good for computer forensics?

  • Becky: November 08, 2012

    What was the first concert you attended and how old were you?

    Would you tolerate somebody you don’t like and keep everybody happy, or make your thoughts be heard no matter the consequences?

  • Julia: November 08, 2012

    Do you prefer day or night? And why?

  • ashleigh the princess: November 08, 2012

    how much does a average woodchuck weigh?

  • Lindsay Z: November 08, 2012

    Pat—any Halloween ideas for next year? Ha!

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