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Pat Kirch: A Note From The Road

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 It is 7:51 AM and I am laying in my bunk driving somewhere between Hays, Kansas and Denver, Colorado. I realized that I have not answered any questions about the DVD being pushed back to December 6th. When we had to decide to do that I was pretty upset by it. Mainly because when you guys order something from us it should come on time but this one was out of our hands. Then I started thinking why am I bummed about our DVDs when some people are without a place to live because of the hurricane and all it did to me was push back a documentary. Everyone will get them by the 6th and we will have tons going on that day, it is the one year anniversary of Pioneer after all. This year has gone by in a flash and it has been the craziest and most rewarding year of my life. This album has really put us on a path to continue to do things our way and I am so thankful everything worked out the way it did because who knows what kind of strange path we could be on right now.

So I don't really have a point of writing any of this and it is all probably spelled wrong but hey it's early and im bored. We only have 8 shows left on this tour and I have a feeling it is going to end great with us playing some of our favorite city's. All of the shows on this tour so far have been tons of fun and it has been a great goodbye(for now) until we finish album #4. The past week or so we have really started working out details as far as what we are going to do to get this album into motion. We have a little room to go to every day to write and demo this album and then it will be off to record it sometime next year.  I could not be more excited to get it all in motion and am already anxious to hear a final product and we are so far away still. 

Well I think that is all I have for now. Thanks for reading and of course for listening to the music. I love you all and am lucky to be able to play music for people who support us so much and continue to evolve with us. This next chapter will be even better than the past. You are all apart of this crazy ride with us. Thank you. 


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