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It's December 1st

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 We thought you would enjoy these! 

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  • Isys: December 02, 2012

    I hope of heart, that Christmas and the new year is wonderful for you guys. I love you all too, and when I say you, I mean: The Maine, Hot Dirk Mai, Sir. Kirch (is Tim, okay Pt? Didn’t you), Matt, Larry and all who helped The Maine this last tour.
    Merry Christmas and a great New Year for all employees 81twenty three.
    And not wanting to be cliché, but I can’t get enough of it: EIGHTY ONE TWENTY THREE, MEANS EVERYTHING TO ME!
    say “hi” to @dudesdomcfly on twitter, this is by far my best Christmas present :")
    Bye sweethearts, have a beautiful life (and never forget BRAZIL LOVES YOU!)

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