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8123 Fashion: Cara Friedman's Holiday Gift Guide

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 Holiday Gift Guide

Yes everyone, it is that time of the year again, time for a holiday celebration with friends and family! When I was younger, I never really understood why we gave and got presents during the December holidays, but I never questioned it. Let's face it, everyone loves getting gifts! But just as much as I love getting them, I get an amazing joyful feeling when I give someone a gift that they love! It feels like a accomplishment, no matter how stupid that may sound. But you made someone happy and smile, so why not keep giving!

So, if you have someone you need to shop for this season, check out my favorite items from some great stores to get for every fashionable friend of yours! And if you see something you like yourself, don't forget to hint to your gift giver that it may be something you would like to wear in the new year. Below is my hand picked gift guide, full of very affordable and very fashionable gifts for all.

From right to left/top to bottom:

Bow Mittens  Aztec Belt  Edge Paint Satchel

Dip Die Bralet  Zodiac Bracelet  Studded Collar

Belted Boot  Native Ring  Typewriter Laptop Sleeve

From right to left/top to bottom:

Map Watch  Studded Backpack  Beatles Shirt

Mixed Metal Bracelet  Buckle Boot  Mint Sunglasses

Western Belt  Compass Ring  Doily Purse

And don't forget to get a little something for that special guy in your life (special could mean your brother you know)!

From right to left/top to bottom:

Beanie  Mittens  Belt

Long Sleeve  OTW Vans  Laptop Sleeve

Don't forget to enjoy the holidays with everyone you love, that is way more important then the gift giving!

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