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THE MAINE- Garrett updates you from the first week of writing for album #4

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Sometimes you just have to keep writing to know what to do next... That always seems to be the best way to create art. Not think. Just let your musical soul guide the way. 

We started album number four last week. It has been quite a lovely experience so far. We always work quickly getting multiple basic song ideas done in a day. There is already close to ten "songs" in the bag. That's a great fee

ling! We still got that spark that allows us to feed off each other and create something only the five of us can do. We get in these groves and things just seem to pour out. 

Every song having its own sound but the heart of each one fitting into a mood. The songs are quite uplifting but you can hear some sort of struggle or darkness hidden underneath it all. I feel like it fits us very well. I wish I could describe more of what the mood sounds like but I sure hope you can still feel it once the album is done and recorded.

Things are starting to fall into place. The songs are coming quickly. We are talking with producers to see who is gonna fit into this record with us. A person that we can learn from again. The freedom on Pioneer was amazing but maybe it's time for someone to teach us a few new tricks. It's always nice to have tricks up your sleeve. But who knows? We still have time to figure that out.

All amazing music does is fit the Mood of the song into the heart of the song. Doesn't matter if its slow or fast if the mood feels great the song is great. Good moods: check. Great songs: check. Love for the music: Check Check. I'm really impressed with what we have done in just one week. I can't wait to see what else comes out of us. I know there is some hidden gems deep down in our souls we just have to dig deep to pull them out. 

Well hope all is well in the intergalactic universe! We will keep you updated for the weeks to come! Love you all!

Garrett & The Maine


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