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8123 Fashion: Denim Alternatives By Cara Friedman

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 Denim Alternatives

I'll be the first to admit that no matter how many ideas I have for cute outfits, most of the time I end up wearing jeans. I mean, why not? They match anything and they are super comfy and convenient! But, day after day just plain denim can get boring. So try to spice up your blue denim by getting yourself a pair of jeans like these! They are all just as comfy because they are denim, and they are super stylish too! Here are four of my favorite types of denim alternatives.

The Ombre Jean. We have all seen ombre hair and an ombre edit over pictures, but what about ombre jeans? They come in all different shades and they look amazing! Plus it is was more fun then just single colored denim and they are very in style right now!

1.Blank Denim  2.Rag & Bone  3.Current/Elliot

Coated Denim. You will see a lot of coated denim out in stores right now because it's a super hot alternative! Most coated denim is usually made of a wax coating which adds a shiny texture. Coast denim often looks like leather, so if you ever wanted leather pants but don't want actual leather, get some brown or black coated denim! Plus it is much more comfortable then actual leather because the inside feels like all of your other pairs of jeans! A lot of coated denim also has a sparkle to it which makes them perfect jeans for dressing up!

1.J Brand  2.J Brand  3.Siwy

The Tuxedo Jean. To simplify it for you, tuxedo jeans are really just jeans with a strip down the side. A lot of the time the strip will be made of another material then the rest of the denim (leather being popular) to add the the contrast between it and the rest of the pants. Not only are these fun and cute, but they are also slimming!

1.Free People  2.Current/Elliot  3.J Brand

Patterned Jeans. These aren't a new style by any means, but they are getting a new look! I am a huge fan of the vintage floral patterned denim that has been popular for a year or two now. But I am really digging dotted and striped pants! They are classic, simple patterns so you don't need to worry about your pants being too busy. Tip: never buy horizontal striped pants. They are very unflattering for your body, I don't even know if people still sell them! Check out some cute thin striped pants. 

1.DL 1961  2.Genetic Denim  3.Paige Denim

I hope this gives you ideas of what you guys can do to change up your outfits a bit! Jeans are amazing, you should own at least one pair that is different from the good old blue jean.

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