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Hello everyone Pat here! We are still working away in our practice space on new songs. We have started recording demos of some of the songs so we can get a better idea of how things are sounding. We currently have about 10 songs demoed and are doing more all this week before we take a short break for the holidays. I couldn't be more excited by the process of making music every day and creating a sound for the album. Garrett is going to put together a few video updates for you guys to watch and we will post those over the next two weeks. Sorry we have not been updating you all that much on the process we have been pretty wrapped up in the music every day. 

We kind of dove right into writing music after the tour ended so starting Monday we are going to take a little over a week to hang out with friends and family and enjoy the holidays. Then we will be heading up to northern Arizona to a cabin for a week to get away and maybe get a different perspective on writing and just a general change of pace which will be nice. Well that is kind of all for now, not much else has been going on besides writing music every day. I have been to a few concerts in downtown Phoenix and have been enjoying the great weather we have right now in Arizona. Here is a little teaser video and a new photo of us in the practice room. Talk to all of you soon and enjoy the holidays with your family!

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