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Bad Motivation / The Countdown / Kill Courtesy: Song Premiere

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A big thanks to Eric Halvorsen for pulling this from his high school archives! haha


  • Brenda M: December 22, 2012

    Pat in the last two pictures!! I mean he’s adorable!!!

  • Meg: December 21, 2012

    This is so perfect! It’s weird knowing them as adults and seeing them when they were the age I am now… Or younger.

  • floriless: December 21, 2012

    nothing beats the feeling of looking back at old pictures and laughing how we and our friends look. this picture is such a great one. reliving the good old memories.pat is just so adorable. i wonder why john in every transition doesn’t look the same but we still know he us john. maybe because of the hair…take care of ths picture ti show your kids how great your life is…

  • Gabriela R.: December 21, 2012

    These are PRICELESS. look at John in the 5th picture! Holy crap… Thank you for this Halvo <3

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