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Hello friends. It's Pat. Ask me something.

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 Hello everyone Pat here, I want to thank all of you here on 8123 for checking out the website this year and being a part of the new family that we started. I hope you have enjoyed visiting the site and have had a chance to at least check out a new artist because of the site. The site will continue to grow in 2013 and we are excited for you all to be a part of it! There will be new music from all the bands we feature on here being released in 2013 so it is sure to be exciting. Thank you! 

I figured I would start off 2013 right here on 8123 answering some questions. I will respond to the first 50 REAL questions in the comments of this post. I will skip over something if it is not a question. Feel free to leave any comment but I will just be replying to questions.

Thanks and I look forward to answering you. I am going to try and go into detail with the answers so look at the other questions before you post so there is not too many repetative questions. 



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