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Hello friends. It's Pat. Ask me something.

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 Hello everyone Pat here, I want to thank all of you here on 8123 for checking out the website this year and being a part of the new family that we started. I hope you have enjoyed visiting the site and have had a chance to at least check out a new artist because of the site. The site will continue to grow in 2013 and we are excited for you all to be a part of it! There will be new music from all the bands we feature on here being released in 2013 so it is sure to be exciting. Thank you! 

I figured I would start off 2013 right here on 8123 answering some questions. I will respond to the first 50 REAL questions in the comments of this post. I will skip over something if it is not a question. Feel free to leave any comment but I will just be replying to questions.

Thanks and I look forward to answering you. I am going to try and go into detail with the answers so look at the other questions before you post so there is not too many repetative questions. 




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  • Carly Ferguson: January 02, 2013

    What inspires you guys when writing new music?

  • Lexi: January 02, 2013

    Would you do a dance video contest similar to This Century’s Skeletons contest?

  • Euge: January 02, 2013

    -What is your biggest dream?
    Happy new year! And hope to see you soon Patty! xx

  • Diana: January 01, 2013

    How many bands have you been in before The Maine?

  • Zoe: January 01, 2013

    Most people say the new year is a fresh start. Maybe you’re not one for resolutions, but is there something you want to change in your life or is there something you want to do to make up for last year?
    If not, what are you looking forward to now that it’s a new year?
    Happy 2013 from the Philippines!

  • Karina D: January 01, 2013

    I know you guys have done Warped Tour in the past but could you see yourself performing at Warped again? Maybe this summer?!

  • Mielis: January 01, 2013

    Do you feel like making the album pioneer made you stronger as a band or as friends? If one of you did decide to leave the band, what would you guys do ?

  • Mielis: January 01, 2013

    Any collaborations on the new album ? Any headlining tours :D ?

  • Allison Gibbons: January 01, 2013

    What are you most looking forward to with the new album?
    Can’t wait for you guys to come back to Boston!! love you <3

  • Danielle C.: January 01, 2013

    Will you guys ever sell This is Real Life again? I am dying to read it!

  • Angelica: January 01, 2013

    Whats your favorite part about playing live?

  • Bruna: January 01, 2013

    How did you feel at the show in Sao Paulo this year? I mean, it was the shooting of your first ever DVD and you’ve grown so much since the releasing of Pioneer. How did you feel about it? Lots of people screaming and singing the lyrics of every single song? xx

  • Isadora C: January 01, 2013

    what are your feelings about this new year??

  • Karina G: January 01, 2013

    Where is the AFADB audio Pat??

  • Isa: January 01, 2013

    How do you feel with the fact that a lot of people love you and they’re grateful (including me!) with the songs you and the guys make?

  • Karia: January 01, 2013

    When are you planning to touring again?

  • Karina: January 01, 2013

    How many songs have you and the guys written for the new album? and when are you planning to release it?

  • Isadora: January 01, 2013

    If you could listen only one song for the rest of your life, which one could be?

  • Karina: January 01, 2013

    Do you think that album #4 is too different of Pioneer so far? or you and the guys are doing songs in the same style of the songs in Pioneer?

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