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8123 Fashion Blog: Style Icon- Anita Pallenberg

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Welcome to 2013 everyone! Hope you had a great holiday and break (break being the reason why I haven't posted in a little, sorry!). But I am back at it for you guys now, no worries.

I spend more time then I should looking through archives of old fashion magazines to see the styles of that day and how it influences the current fashion world. It's pretty much guaranteed that once something goes out of style, it will always come back. Maybe not in 10 years, but 20 or 30. That is why I tend to pick a fashion icon a lot of the time. Someone who was the epitome of style during their time. Today I want to introduce you to one of my favorites whose style I have been seeing emulated a lot these days! Her name is Anita Pallenberg. She was an actress and model in the 70s best known for being the girlfriend of two members of the Rolling Stones. Maybe that is one reason I love her so much, I'm a huge Rolling Stones fan and nerd. She was known as the hippie rocker chick, mixing elements of rock style with her smooth hippie style.


She first entered the public eye as girlfriend of Brian Jones, who played guitar in the early years of The Rolling Stones. Their relationship ended two years later with she and Keith Richards, lead guitar player for the band, got together. The two were together for 13 years and had three children. It was then rumored that she had a fling with singer Mick Jagger while filming the movie Performance together although that has never been confirmed.

Anita was said to have a lot of influence on the bands music and would be listened to during critics of the songs they worked on. She also was known to be quirky and practice black magic with boyfriend Keith. Anita traveled the world with the band while also acting in films. She was the girl everyone wanted to be. After her relationships with the band ended she went on to be a stylist and designer within the industry where she still works today.

Her style was relaxed. She wore whatever whenever. To dress Anita is to dress in fringe and peasant tops, bell bottoms, big black belts, gold necklaces, a floppy hat, and for big events, a fur coat. Check out some items below that you can grab to try to emulate her classic style.


1. Nasty Gal  2. Johnny Was  3. Mod Cloth  4. Nasty Gal  5. Anthropologie  6. Nasty Gal  7. Nasty Gal   8. Nasty Gal

-Cara, @instantlyruby


  • Cara: February 09, 2013

    Hey Per!
    I absolutely dig The Stones! Huge fan! I collect their old vinyls and have a ton of Stones merch! I actually even customized a vest with the tongue patch on it that I’ll have to show you guys! They are a classic, who can’t love them?

  • Per Jonssson: February 08, 2013

    I’ve been a big Keith fan for years but I really dig Anita.A , truly remakable woman! And Keith got to be a kind of a fashion icon by wearing her and his clothes together.Do you dig the Stones and Keith also or just Anita?She’s ome woman!

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