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8123 Fashion Blog: Learn From Street Style

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There are so many things you can learn from the outfits you see on those around you. You never want to copy an outfit, you want to really make your own style, but if you're not sure on how to build up a good look, take cues from those around you! 

I just moved to Los Angeles and I have seen so many great outfits around that start to inspire me. Weather it be in Venice or Hollywood, you can see an array of people and learn a lot about them by what they wear. That is why street style is so popular! I took a look at a few street style websites and found some looks that I like and want to try!


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I love the way these too ladies are wearing their denim jackets. First rule, never wear a denim jacket with  jeans! That's why the amazing sky patterned skirt and black pants work well! It lets the jacket stand out. Plus those silver shoes and fringe sleeves are both killer!

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I love the way these girls added to their army green coats! With me being a person who wears her army green coat everyday in winter, it's always great to dress it up and change it up some days. In the first picture you can see that she is wearing a cheetah coat underneath, added a cool lining under her coat. In the next photo the women is wearing a tribal print sweater to add lining as well as dressing up the collar with a circle scarf. 

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I have fallen in love with the giant sweater this girl is wearing in the first picture. Wearing a giant sweater as a dress is a great thing to do during the winter, but you need to make sure it's the right kind of fit for that. This bottom on this sweater is perfect in the way that the bottom hangs and flares a little bit like any dress instead of clinging to her legs at the bottom like some do. Plus it's fur is amazing! The next outfit is a really great example of adding to an all black outfit. Small amounts of gold accents either on the clothes or on jewelery add a lot to an all black outfit and help it from consuming you. Not too much though! A lot of gold can end up looking tacky. 

Take a look at the people around you when you walk in town and take cues from their outfits. It really does help give you ideas on how to improve yours! 

Have a good week everyone! xx

-Cara, @instantlyruby

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