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 So I was going to write a blog talking about my feelings on being in this band for six years but it didn't come out right. I remembered answering this question a few days ago and I know what im saying doesn't make sense it is the best i can do. 

Thank you all. 



  • Allison Grecco: January 21, 2013

    your music was there for me when no one was and for that I say thank you. I still remember when i saw you guys preform at the youthfest in virginia and I got to meet all of you. Thanks for everything you’ve done you’re all awesome:)

  • Andreza Stamford: January 21, 2013

    No need to say anything, we should thank you for everything you have done, by music and love! I’m so proud and I love you

  • Giu: January 21, 2013

    why u do that?? im crying.

  • Jessica!: January 21, 2013

    I feel like everyone in the band is a good friend of mine.
    You guys have helped me through a lot, whether you meant to or didn’t and I’m grateful for that.
    Rock on guys.

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