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8123 Fashion Blog: DIY Colorful Hair Clips

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See these amazingly cute and artsy hair clips? I love them, but unfortunately, they are each retailed at the price of 300 dollars (here)! I'm a broke college student, I don't have 300 dollars to spend on things, especially hair clips. But I am an art student, so I decided to get down to my roots and get crafty! I found a simple way to create these clips on my own on a very small budget!

What you will need:

-Slide in tooth hair combs, found at any drug or beauty store

-A patch of felt

-Gems, flowers, buttons, anything you want on your clips. Gems and plastic flowers that are seen above can be bought at Michael's in a giant bag

-Hot glue gun


Steps (they are super easy! It doesn't take long at all!):

1. Cut out the felt in what ever shape you wish, make sure it is big enough cover the top of the clip.

2. Get out your gems, flowers, ect. and plan out how you want to glue them onto your felt.

3. Next, simply glue on the pieces, but don't use too much, felt can't take excessive amounts of hot glue. Just one dot on the bottom of the object should be fine!

4. Let the felt dry completely before you attempt to glue it the hair pin. Once it is dry, glue it on.

5. Let the clip dry about one day before you wear it. But once it has you are all set!

This is a great alternative as it shouldn't more then 15 dollars, which totally beats the 300 dollar price tag. Plus when someone asks you where you got your cute hair clip, you can say you made it!

Try this out and let me know what you guys think and how your pins turned out! Have a good week everyone!

-Cara, @instantlyruby

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