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8123 Fashion Blog: I Dream of Shoes!

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Since I am a broke college student, I can really only dream of fabulous shoes but I can't really buy them. But I always find myself browsing the worlds greatest shoe site, Solestruck, just so I can get my dose of fabulous footwear.

I rounded up a group of some really artistic kicks to show you guys! If there is one thing I am never worried about with fashion, it is wearing some seriously creative shoes. They are so much fun! Wear any of these shoes with a classic and clean outfit and all the attention will be at your seriously well dressed feet!


1. Space slip-ons  2. Creepers  3. Studded booties  4. Black and White skull studs


1. Shimmer Oxfords  2. Dip-dye Boots  3. Studded slip-ons  4. Floral Docs

Out there? Yes. Cute? Yes. Take a chance a buy something you may not always wear, it's fun to add something adventurous to your wardrobe!

 xx Cara, @instantlyruby

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