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8123 Fashion Blog: Men's Graphic Tee's

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 If there is one thing that I could wear everyday, it would be black jeans with a awesome graphic tee. That is something simple for guys to wear as well, yet still be fashionable! You have to be careful to make sure your graphic tee isn't of a tacky graphic. I am drawn to artistic and visually appealing tee's, maybe that is why I love all the graphic tee's at All Saints. They are all very unique and interesting and fit under the same style. Check out my 6 favorites they are currently selling.

1. Heaven on Earth Oversized  2. Belles Cute Collar  3. Statue Cut Collar  4. Noose Cute Collar  5. Quadrat Tonic Crew T-Shirt  6. Smiley Crew T-Shirt

Wear these with dark jeans and a denim or leather jacket. Put a large sweater over them. They are very versatile and great to wear when you just don't feel like dressing up!

-Cara, @instantlyruby

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