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8123 Fashion Blog: Tattoo Tights

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 A couple weeks ago I shot (and modeled a little) pictures for lookbook of a new company that I have fallen in love with. The company is called Sinners Luck and they make handmade custom tattoo tights! Tattoo tights are pretty self explanatory, they are clear tights with a design or picture printed on them to make it look like you have a tattoo



(This is me above modeling a dream catcher tattoo!)


(Me again, haha)

They are really fun and can be worn with anything! All of these designs modeled are pre-made, but if you want a certain tattoo, message the girls who run the place and they will design and get it printed for you! I think it is just about the coolest idea ever and was so happy to help them out! Check out there fb page here!

-Cara, @instantlyruby

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