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8123 Fashion Blog: 3 Mens Fashion Looks

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I think it's becoming a habit, no, more like an addiction, that I go around and dress my friends up and take pictures of them in the outifits I made. Maybe because it combines two of my main interests, fashion and photography! This week I met up with one of best friends and fellow photographer, Jason. He was kind enough to let me raid his closet, dress him up, and also play with his super cute puppy!

We put together three different outfits for you!

Outfit 1:

The weather is a lot colder in LA this time of year then you would think. Just because there is sun doesn't mean the wind won't get you chilly! So Jason had just bought himself a new jacket that I love! The maroon and navy blue work perfect together. I thought these colors would look best with khaki pants rather then jeans, and we mixed them with some new high top sneakers Jason just bought! A cool, fashionable, but practical outfit for the weather!



Outfit 2:

Black denim is one of my favorites! I where my black jeans all the time (like right now). I paired Jason's army shirt and black denim vest together with a scoop neck white tee for a casual but put together look.



Outfit 3:

This is Jason's rocker look. I made him put on his white skinny jeans from years ago when he sang in a band for this, and while they were very tight and I felt bad for making him wear them, I loved the look! The stripped shirt, jeans and shoes are all neutral. I added the denim jacket for some flare and we rolled down the boots make the look a little more rock star!

Big thanks to Jason for being a good sport! I need to find another friend to dress up now!

-Cara, @instantlyruby

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