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8123 Mens Fashion: Killer Custom Kicks

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Oh boy my boys, I stumbled upon the coolest Etsy shop this week that I must share with you. It is called Love Jules Leather. Basically, it is run by a duo of leather crafters named Jules and Joshua in Canada who design some amazingly creative shoes and then hand make them specifically for you! That was you can get yourself some awesome shoes, and they will be customized to fit your feet perfectly!




All shoes can be found here

These shoes are made with precision and each one if truly a work of art. I love the rustic and natural feel of all their shoes! Plus they look super comfortable!

Pair some of shoes with these items below from, believe it or not, The Ace Hotel. Ace has been known to support many artists and began selling art that was featured within there hotels a few years ago. Now they have teamed up with some designers to release simple and well made pieces of clothing and accessories on their site here.

These simple items with neutral colors also go along with the natural feel of Jules leather shoes. Check them out and let yourself get back into nature with these items!

-Cara, @instantlyruby

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