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8123 Fashion Blog: Lookbook Idols

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 If you really want to know how to dress, look at how the guys on Lookbook dress. If you haven't spent time checking out the site, then you are missing out! It is a collection of outfits posted by artists, students, designers, and basically anyone who is creative and young and who is going to rule the world one day. So why not steal there perfect style ideas when you can?

For you guys out there, I picked three users on Lookbook that are stylish and really know how to dress. I picked four of my favorite looks from each of them that you guys should keep in mind when dressing!


1. Denim on denim can work! As long as you mix light with dark. 2. Almost all black always works and looks clean, all the time.


 3. A band tee is always stylish plus it gives you a chance to support your favorite artists! 3. Scarf and beanie always work well together and they keep you oh so warm.

All pictures from Adam's lookbook.


1. Flannel and denim always work well together. Wear one over the other and you are set with casual and stylish layers. 2. Colored jeans work any time of the year, just make sure they are darker shades, bright neons can be a bit to much.


3. Adding a little leather to anything, like this leather belt, dresses it up and little but still keeps an outfit cool. 4. Make sure to wear some color part of the time, but also make sure your whole outfit isn't a mess of colors. Adding a little color to a black and white outfit is perfect!

All pictures from Vini's Lookbook.


1. Keep khaki cool and not stiff but wearing it with black jeans. 2. Add a little flare to an outfit with a fedora in the hotter weather!

3. Try your best to have a few graphic tee's to add a little individuality to an outfit and really make it stand out! 4. Leather lace up boots are a essential as they go with everything, are very durable, and great for cold weather.

All pictures from Peter's lookbook.

Take some of these tips from these very well dressed men and try them out for yourself. Before you know it, people will be asking you for fashion advice!

-Cara, @instantlyruby

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