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8123 Fashion Blog: Spring Sunglasses

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It's spring, which means it's time for some sunshine! Well, for most people. Currently it's gloomy and cold and not sunny at all in Los Angeles, which is weird and totally bumming me out! So I am wishing for it to be spring by checking out some cool sunglasses, hoping that they will motivate the sun to come out and grace me with some better weather, please!

I picked a few cute shades that you can get and work into your spring wardrobe! Keep the sun out of your eyes but look stylish! My favorite style are round glasses, they are fun a playful yet cool. Check them out!

Also, I have been starting to post some daily outfit posts on my Instagram, so if you are ever wondering who this girl is who is dictating to you what you should wear and if she really knows how to dress or not, then you see what I pick to wear on my IG! Username: caracallsitcomplicated. (But you really don't have to, don't worry!)

-Cara, @instantlyruby


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