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8123 Fashion Blog: Swim Weather

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 Guys guys guys, it has been warm this week FINALLY and I am freaking out about it because I miss the warm weather! It's finally turning into spring here in LA, even though it should have a loooong time ago. The warm weather invited me to go to the beach the other day with my friends but when I was picking a swimsuit to wear, I noticed none of mine were cute. They were all old and so.....plain. 

So I decided I NEED to go swimsuit shopping. Like, asap! There are a ton of different styles in this year and they are perfect for finding one that works best with your body! I'm not sure which style I want yet, but I did some online shopping to find some favorites in all styles! Check out some great suits I found below!


1 and 3 from Urban Outffiters  2. Free People

1. Asos  2. 80s Purple  3. Dolls Kill (<- The whole store is 20% but just for today! So go get something, or a bunch of things!)

I need to keep looking, there are a bunch out there, but this is a great start and I love how swimsuits are going back to the vintage cut they used to be. Very elegant and it shows off less!

Hope you guys have a good weekend!

-Cara, @instantlyruby

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