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8123 Fashion Blog: Quirky Men's Style

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I came upon this British clothing store, Lazy Oaf, site and fell in love with their quirky/90s art styled clothing. A lot of it reminded me of a lot of art I have been seeing recently, a simple doodle that is fun and creative! The store is full of funny things that maybe most might be hesitant to try as it might not be something you normally would wear. But I think their things are really cute and that getting yourself an item can help you branch out your style to something a little more unique since each piece is not like something I have seen.


They have plenty of cute/fun t-shirts with funny designs! A lot of bright colors is something a lot of people are not comfortable wearing but their pieces make it work somehow. Pair a bright shirt with jeans or khakis.


I'm in love with their little graphics that you can find in most of their pieces. I want to get the pizza hat, because let's face it, pizza is pretty much the best! Check out the site and roam around. Don't be afraid to be daring with your clothes, Lazy Oaf makes it easy and fun and still so very fashionable!

-Cara, @instantlyruby

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