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8123 Fashion Blog: Hats hats hats

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 I went shopping with one of my best friends the other day and we went Urban Outfitters and I followed him around while he pointed out things he liked in the guys section. I ended up not being able to leave the hats table! I found so many cool prints and patterns and different materials and styles of hats! I kind of really feel in love.

As the weather gets sunny, they are great to help keep you cool! I picked a few of my favorites I saw at Urban Outfitters to show you guys.




Some of these are really great to add to simple outfit of a tee and pants to help dress it up and make it a bit more interesting!

I am almost done with finals, then a short break, then more college over the summer for extra class credits! But during the break and those classes when I don't have finals, I promise to come up with some really cool posts that I can do when I am less busy, sorry for lacking!

Hope all of you in school are not to stressed out!

-Cara, @instantlyruby

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