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The Maine - Forever Halloween on vinyl

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Preorder The Maine's new album "Forever Halloween" on vinyl

  • 180 gram
  • Double LP
  • Orange & black colored vinyls
  • First Pressing: Limited to 1,000 Vinyls 
*All vinyls will include a digital download of "Forever Halloween"


    SIDE A:
    • Take What You Can Carry
    • Love & Drugs
    • Run
    SIDE B:
    • White Walls
    • Happy
    • Birthday In Los Angeles
    SIDE C:
    • Blood Red
    • Kennedy Curse
    • Sad Songs
    SIDE D:
    • F**ked Up Kids
    • These Four Words
    • Forever Halloween


    • Amanda: October 26, 2019

      I would kill for this vinyl. PLEASE REPRESS.

    • Kyle: September 22, 2019

      👏🏽 REPRESS 👏🏽 THIS 👏🏽PLEASE 👏🏽

    • Lene: September 04, 2019

      PLEAAASE repress this!!! :´(

    • wafa: August 31, 2019

      PLEASE repress this!!!! It’s being sold for like 300 dollars elsewhere :-( this is y’alls BEST album and if I would love to own it on vinyl :-(

    • Randall: March 22, 2019

      Please can we have a repress? Records have made a huge comeback and are the preferred listening experience for many of your fans. Let’s do this before I turn grey!

    • Tony Sicilia: February 27, 2019

      Repress this. Please.

    • richard: April 25, 2018

      FOR GOD SAKE!!! JUST REPRESS IT ALREADY!!! thousand of people want it!! it goes for 400$ online so why not repress it !! why is everyone so damn stupid, u have a gold mine but your not doing anything with it!!!!

    • vivian: January 13, 2018


    • Emmaline: February 28, 2017

      My life goal is to have a copy of this. I’ve asked for it for my birthday for the past 3 years. Someone please help make my dream come true.

    • Ryan Stefanski: February 19, 2017

      When will this be repressed? I’m dying to have a copy!

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