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8123 Fashion Blog: New Lookbook Crushes

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Every time a new season rolls around I always want to update my closet! This is due to the fact that so many cute items are hitting the shelves, and while this is exciting, it can also be overwhelming. How are you to know what to get and how to wear it? I always say check out the fashionable dresser on Lookbook to see what everyday people like you are wearing and how they are wearing it! It can give you so many ideas!

So here my current three favorite Lookbook crushes that I advise you to check out for inspiration and guidance.

#1 Edward Honaker


Edward dresses will a cool natural style that is easy to emulate and comfortable. I love his casual look! Take hints and pair a leather jacket with a button down and black jeans on for a night out, a t-shirt and chambray for your everyday look, and get yourself a light flannel for the warmer weather coming up! His style is relaxed yet shows he knows how to dress, that is why I love it so much.

#2 Tilman Schaknat

Tilman shows that you can be stylish without going overboard. Graphic sweatshirts with collars popping out dress down a nice shirt and make a nice skate outfit. A plain top and bottom work really well with a pop of color on your feet. And mixing to materials, sweatshirt and leather, add nice contrast to your body. Try all three of these very different looks to keep your outfits differing on a day to day basis.

#3 Luke Witek

Luke's outfits are one of my favorite examples and something you should check out if you are person who wears jeans basically everyday. He keeps the bottom casually in his favorite jeans by dressing up and having the focus on his tops and head. If want to live your jeans everyday (which is totally fine, those things are so comfy and go with everything!) they try to do something new with your tops! I also love how Luke is totally down to accessorize! Hats and beanies really add a lot to an otherwise plain outfit as little things like watches that are clean and not flashy!

Find your own favorite looks to emulate, not copy, but use as a basis and add your style too! These are a few tips I found out from these guys, do some research and find some for yourself!

Hope you guys have all been good!

-Cara, @instantlyruby

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