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8123 Fashion Blog: Haunt Magazine

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I have found a fashion obsession called Haunt Magazine! Basically, it was dream come true and showcases everything I love all combined into one, fashion, photography, and art! Haunt is a online magazine that features amazing editorials that are shot very creatively, combing different styles of photography along with art (they even have some editorials exhibiting different artists work without fashion) to create very unique images that really are just stunning!

Their newest issue is titled Summertime Sadness and I am pretty much in love with all of it! I picked some of the best images from the issue and posted them below. Take a look at the really creative choices the magazine makes and how these editorials are unlike the kinds you see in the big fashion magazines.

Not only are the images great, but the styling is too! I want to buy quite a bit of clothing that this magazine features.






Take a look at their older issues as well, all of the work on the site is amazing! And if you find some clothing you like, make sure to check out where it's from and grab yourself a cute new piece!

-Cara, @instantlyruby

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