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8123 Fashion Blog: Great Online Shops Part 2

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 1. Motel Rocks

This site has everything! Cute dresses, cool tops, awesome shoes. Basically, I want it all.

 Check out: Daisy Dress, Floral High-rise Bikini, Kitten Collar Clips

2. Dahlia

This site is a cool British label that ships to the US. They have interesting cuts and hems, and really cute patterns.

Check out: Floral cut-out dress, Tassel Dress, Cat Ear Hat

3. Kill City

Known best for their jeans, Kills city is a great site to explore for cool styled pants! They also have some great other items too.

Check out: Acid Wash Maxi, Military Jacket, Patched Jeans

4. Koshka

I pretty much am in love with this site! Super trendy and colorful, they have a huge array of just about everything, and it's all cute!

Check out: Black Sheer Dress, Tie-Die Floral Laced Shorts, Outline Glasses

5. For Love and Lemons

This label is a great! They make such beautiful and elegant pieces using lace and sheer fabrics. Their pieces are very feminine and delicate.

Check Out: Lotus Dress, White Lace Skirt, Floral Kimono

-Cara, @instantlyruby

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