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8123 Fashion Blog: Beanies for...Summer?

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 I'm sure most of you associated beanies with winter, correct? Why? Because they are knit and keep your head warm, duh! But believe it or not, I have seen many guys around recently wearing beanies, in 80 degree weather in LA! It's summer guys, what are you doing?! Well, after taking notice and talking to some fashionable friends of mine, I have noticed and concluded that beanies are not just a winter accessory. A lot of labels have come out with beanies in their summer lines this yeah and they totally rock! 

I picked out the coolest ones below for you guys to check out!


1. Honour Over Glory 2. Motivation 3. Filtrate


1. Poler 2. Elm 3. Burton


1. Obey 2. Neff 3. Brixton

Another thing I noticed is that a lot of them are in the gray/red/black color scheme. Weird huh? Black and gray are great because they can go with anything, and if red is a nice pop of color! 

For the summer, wear the beanie loose on your head, not tight over your ears, that is what gives it the cool summer look!

-Cara, @instantlyruby

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