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8123 Fashion Blog: Cool Jewels

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So I have been looking for some nice new jewels recently because here is a hint: if you accessorize with awesome jewelry, you can wear pretty much anything. Well, not anything, but I mean you don't need to go all out with your clothes. You can wear a plain shirt and dress it up with a few necklaces and that way, the attention goes to your rocking accessories. 

So I'm going to share with you some awesome jewels I've had my eyes on!

There is this amazing online store of handmade jewelry called Crystal Cactus. It is kind of a mystic shop with the cool rocks and crystals in bullet cases or melted gold and they are the coolest! I need to get a few for my gypsy side.

For rings, right now I totally digging all of the rings over at Wasteland!

Wasteland has some awesome rings that you can mix and match! Wear a couple statement rings along with a few plain bands and you are good to go! Also, try mixing and matching gold in silver bands too, it turns out awesome.

 And lastly, right now I'm drooling over these cuffs from Free People.


Cuffs are perfect for stacking, kind of like your updated bangle. They are awesome! Free people has some cool super cool ones that aren't flashy and can be worn with some of the cool rings above.

Make sure you have some great bling, but make sure it isn't tacky, and you got yourself a great outfit!

-Cara, @instantlyruby

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