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8123 Magazine (Issue #001)


Designer: 8123

$2.99 $14.99

We are excited to introduce you to 8123's new quarterly magazine. The goal with this project was to create a magazine that you want to hold onto for years to come and not be another piece of paper in the recycle bin. Only 4 magazines will be released per year with a limited quantity available (no issues will be reprinted!).

From our very first book 'This Is Real Life' to our BIG big 'Roads', we fell in love with the creativity and feel that a physical product can give you. In the age of Instagram, it feels like digital photos are lost in days... we wanted to create something that can give you a deeper look into 8123 and the community that has made this a family!

Most magazines are around $5. They fold easy then you read them and toss them out. With this project, we hope the quality justifies the price. We picked a product that feels more like a Coffee Table Book rather than your traditional magazine. We hope that these pile up your bookshelf rather than a trash can.

With each issue, we will push to make it better and better as we learn what you love! Your input is crucial in making this idea come to life! So please share your thoughts with us online.

We hope you enjoy!
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