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On our North American tour in the summer of 2012 I started using a film camera to capture random moments through my day. I had no prior knowledge on film photography and these photos are me learning how to use a camera. Not every photo is in focus or the lighting on most aren't even close to correct but each photo tells a story.  In a world where anyone can capture anything they want with the  ease of pulling out there phone, film really pushes you to capture the perfect moment. Non of these photos were digitally touched up at all. You can't take a 100 pictures of one thing and then go back a delete all the bad ones. You must time everything perfect because you only get one chance. You can't instantly look at what you happened to capture you must wait till you go and get your film developed. That is the my favorite part of film because once you get your photos back it's almost like time traveling back to the moment you took it. On tour so much happens every single day and you are somewhere new it's hard not to forget the random moments throughout the day. Film has given me the ability to relive times that over years could have disappeared. Well I hope you enjoy these photos and maybe make you interested in getting a film camera for yourself.


Buffalo New York.

This was one of the first film photos I've ever taken. The dark red really makes a unusual mood. There isn't a whole lot going on in the pic but for some reason it is one of my favorites.

Detroit Michigan

There are tons of random people you meet out on tour and this was a guy who was selling his own CD on the street. I bought the CD and then took a picture of him with my friends.

Milwaukee Wisconsin

This is the hotel where Jeffrey Dahmer supposedly killed all those people. We stayed here once and I'd say it's haunted... so spooky


My mother says " No pictures please"

Scottsdale Arizona

On the set of the "Like We Did" video shoot. It's weird looking into the mirror and seeing the guy from the Tales of the Crypt.

Chico California

We had an off day so we got to hangout at our Merch bud Peter's home. There is nothing like an off day at a friends house. It almost feels like you are home.

Chico California

BBQ with friends!

San Francisco

This is at the Fillmore. This is one of my favorite venues to play because of all the history there. The walls are filled with show posters of every band you can think of since the 60's. The Doors, the Grateful Dead, Tom Petty, Wilco, John Mayer. You name it they have been there..

Vancouver British Columbia

Beers and margaritas with our good buds in The Arkills. Such a great band and great dudes to hangout with.

The Bus. My Bunk.

This is where I try and sleep but can never seem to do so. I mostly just put headphones on and stare at the roof of the bunk. It usually smells too.

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