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Pat Kirch: Answers to Your Questions Pt.1

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Hey everyone Pat Here!! I did my best to answer all of the questions and I am sorry if I missed a few. 


CLAUDIA Would you ever take a fan on tour?

PK- Like just to come and hangout?????

ROSIE GATENBY If there was one place in the world you haven’t been to yet, that we really want to go, where would it be?

PK- Tons…. Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Tons of places in Europe just to name a few

ANDRESSA Katy Perry touched your boobs, did you remember that? I miss you, sweetheart. @dessacohen

PK- I had forgotten about that until the video came out….

LOGAN What’s the meaning of life?

PK- Mayo

MVNL Pat what is your favorite cupcake flavor ?
also, are you goin to disneyland with me?

- mvnl mexico.

PK- Your the cupcake love. I would be up for roller coasters 

LAUREN ELIOT What’s the obsession with women’s clothing, Pat? Getting a little worried about you, man.

PK- I am worried too`

GAGANIf you could change one thing about any of your songs what would it be? <3

PK- I would not. It happened its done. new music….

ROSIE GATENBYDo you guys ever get sick of each other on tour? What d’you do to keep the energy up and good vibes between you guys?


JEN What do you think your life would be like if you weren’t in a band?

PK- I have no clue. At all. That would be scary

NICHOLE KENDALLFirst, just want to say thank you for creating AMAZING music. I love your new cover song. Okay now for my question. Do you mind giving any hints of what might be on the new album? :)

PK- I have not clue!!! I hope it does not take too long 

CATALINAwhat do you remember about the first time you came to chile?

PK- Yes. I love your people and your dogssssss

NICOLEif you could have someone draw a picture of you or anyone in the band, what would you want that drawn person to be doing?
if you answer this I might draw that request (;

PK- I can not draw. it would suck!!!


PK- Not a question but I love you 

CRISSPaaaat!! What do you think about Madrid, Spain (if you remember it) and your spanish fans? Lov ya! :3

PK- I love that place!!! Amazing shows in Spain. Good people 

JAELLEdo you ever think why you aren’t the kind of the world?

PK- I am a dog not human 

LEAHave you ever considered being one of the long haired male models on romance novel covers?

PK- Bring it on 

MARIAAny plans on coming to Mexico someday? What was the best part about recording the DVD in Brazil? Do you still get nervous when going on stage?

Thank you if you answer them!
Love you :)

PK- Yes we need to come! The entire process os the DVD was awesome! The show was a blast

@SCARLETTORTEGA hey pat, i love youuuu! when you come to mexico? pleaseeee COME TO MEXICO CITY!

PK- We really want to come. It is going to happen on the next album! 

JAELLE Do you ever wonder why monkeys haven’t taken over the world yet?

PK- Each and every day

LIBBY What’s your favorite song to play?

PK- Growing Up on this tour but before that I love Ice Cave

STEPH Plans to tour Canada again anytime soon? I miss you guys!!
Also, at the Calgary date me and my friend gave you guys a bunch of canadian like food stuff, and letters…
like it??
Come soon please :)

PK- We would love to do a full Canadian tour! Yes we did thank you so much!!!!!!

JENNA Will you go to senior prom with me?

PK- I never went to mine….

SAVANNA What happened with the vinyl? Are you still gonna do it?

PK- Yes. Sorry. It will come just might be a little longer 

MADI Do you ever braid your hair and pretend you’re a french lady? Cause I do.

PK- I have not done that 

MARIA CRISTINA Pat, when you released pioneer you talked about making a pioneer vinyl, is it still going to happen?

PK- It is going to happen I am just not sure exactly when yet. 

NATALIE Do you think the style of your new album is going to be a big change, like Pioneer was? Also, do you think you guys will be coming back to Toronto on your next tour?

PK- Yes for Toronto we love you! 

It is too early to tell

JULIANA When you guys will come back to brazil?

PK- After the next album 

ANGELICA Favourite song to inspire yourself. Fav album .

and would you like to come touring with the band to Peru? Cause that would be exiting as hell!!!

PK- All music is inspiring. Makes you want to keep creating…..

Please bring us to peru 

GLORIA do pigeons have feelings

PK- I do not believe so 

TORI Will any of the merch from this tour be online after its over?

PK- Yeahhhhh

ANNE i preordered afadb without realizing i could get a shirt with it. is there anyway i could reorder a shirt with it?

PK- email customer support. I would think that would not be a big deal 

CHA-LISA JOHNSON Would you ever consider cutting a significant amount of your hair off? (if you cant pronounce my name you can just say Lisa)

PK- I have not. one day...

GABRIELLA DE HAAS Brazil miss you so much! Please, come back soon!!!! Love You <3

PK- Yes Yes Yes. We miss you 

BIBIANA Would you like to come to Colombia?

PK- I would love to

CLAIRE HOLE If you had to be a Disney character, who would you be?

PK- Snow white 

MADDI HURRLE What’s your favorite part of home shows?

PK- The crowd is awesome but I don't like the rest of it. It is stressful having tons of family. It ends up being fun though 

ALEX Have you ever kissed a girl?

PK- Depends 

ANNY LANGLOIS Best and/or worst high school memory? :)

PK- The first day of school sucked…. Can't Say why on the internet 

LAUREN SAPP If you could have a real life pokemon, whcih would you choose and why?

PK- Pikkkkkkkaaaaaaaaa chuuuuuuuuuuuuu

JOY NELSON Pat, do you remember a girl in Dublin last year coming up to you and saying you were her favourite in the band?:D but anywho, when are you guys back in Dublin? :33

PK- We need to come back!!!!!1 I miss you all 

RACHEL UZARSKI What one band you would want to tour with? They could be alive or dead.

PK- The Rolling Stones

KATRINA TERRY What’s to come for The Maine? How do you feel being off of Warner Brothers and what’s in store for touring?

PK- The door is wide open. We could do anything

IAGOTIGRAO(BIGTIGER) when you come to Brazil, you kissed a woman?

PK- Tons of bois

CATERINA How does it feel to be, unlike most bands, this close to the fans?

PK- Not sure what it would be like to do anything different

IVETTE Why do you have the illuminati sign on your merch? Is it a joke?

PK- Join in...

BEATRIZ QUADROS Is it okay that I ship Parrett?? Am I right? woohoo

PK- kewhkjdwejkhwkjehq

SARAH What album could you listen to on repeat for the rest of your life?

PK- Ahhh that is so hard it would have to be a long one...

BEATRIZ QUADROS If you HAD to get a tattoo, and it HAD to be The Maine’s lyrics too, what would it be?

Btw, what do you think about all the people with tattoos dedicated to TM??

x bye

PK- It is insane and is great that people feel so connected to the music that they want that on them for life. 

KARINA Pat,when you or another member of the band will make a chat with you fans? you said to me that you’d make a chat but you never did :(

PK- Yeah we will all be doing one! 

LISA J Can you put black and white b sides up on spotify?

PK- We do not own it but I will try!!!! 

KARINA Is true that AFADB will arrive in brazil on november 19th? Some people said that The Maine is working to make the DVD arrive for the people from Brazil on november 19th. Is that true?

PK- It should!!!!!

KELLYHOPE MURPHY Pat, can I please deep condition your hair next tour?

PK- I am always up for help with my hair 

JESSICA AND JENNA Describe your dream girl….go!!

PK- All of them

JENNA Will you guys go on tour again before the new album releases?

PK- I am not sure. Depends 

RAIN What’s one trait you think every true MAINEiac (The Maine) fan should have?

PK- Tons of our music 

LAURA-DOSDEMARZO Hi Pat! when I met you in Madrid I asked you how the Rat Boy was and you told me he was dead!!
is it true or you were just kidding? I am sad since that day…

PK- He is dead. I do not want to talk about it… Sad stuffs

BROOKE what are you looking forward to the most about recording the next album?

PK- All of it. I love the entire process from demos to getting the final art and mastered album….

MARIA Whats your favorite thing about being in a band?

PK- PLaying music and meeting new people. Im lucky 

JENNA When Tom Petty goes on tour again would you go see him with me?

PK- I would love to see him live.

CLAUDIA Do you think the process for album 4 will be similar to Pioneer?

PK- I am not sure. We like to try to put ourselves in different situations each time! 

CYNTHYA MARANGON What was the best moment of the tour in Brazil in 2012?

PK- All the shows blew me away

JULIA Are you excited to start making the new album?

PK- So ready. Always fun to have new jams brewin….

CYNTHYA MARANGON What’s your favorite song on: csws, b&w and pioneer?

PK- We'll All Be…, Don't Stop Now, All of Pioneer….

CYNTHYA MARANGON you like read books? what’s your favorite?

PK- I do not read. Sorry. I should

CYNTHYA MARANGON in high school, you were considered a loser or popular?

PK- I do not really know about labels like that but I would say I kept to myself a bit….

YVETTE Can we expect some drum solos on the new record?!

PK- No way. Gotaa save those for jared…..

ERIKA TAMY Do you know if micheal christ is coming with any new projects?

PK- He is always up to something as far as I have heard. 

KASS' What was is like to play on a boat which was pitching in Paris? Was it hard to play when all the balloons came on stage? What do you guys want to see next time you go on stage in Paris?

PK- It was a great show! The boat was moving around a lot. All I care about is if all of you come again. It will be a good time yet again! 

ANNA CLARA What do you think about the nickname “Patricia”?

PK- Im into it!

CYNTHYA MARANGON What was the best moment of your career?

PK- I really don't think i could pick just one moment. Honestly the fact that we are still a band is the nest part for me. I want this to last forever...

ISABELA Do you already have a date to come back to Brazil?

PK- Not yet but after the new album is done we will come. 

JOSE What can be expected for the next album? Different sound??

PK- It is too early to tell. All I can say is that we never want to make the same album twice. 

ISABELAWhat do you like in Brazil?

PK- Love it 

ERIKA TAMYAre you concerned about global warming?

PK- Yes.

JORDANA MARTINELI Hi Pat, what do you think about come to Brazil with other bands like This Century, Augustana or Austin Gibbs?
love u
Jordana Martineli

PK- That would be great! Next time we come it will be with other bands! 

AMANDA KOSTIK What do you think about brazilian fans?

PK- They are amazing. We are very lucky

TAYLOR If you could meet any musician, living or dead, who & why? :)

PK- Tom Petty would be pretty cool and then I could ask him to record our next album. 

KIMBERLY What is your Christmas wish?

PK- I just want to be home for a little bit with my Family and write a great 4th album! 

HEATHER Where can I get me one of those 8123 crew pins so I can join your cult?

PK- They are at the merch table now!!!! Join in…..

HANNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH What your absolute favortie song to prefrom live?……….and I have a little secret to tell you……


PK- I have been loving playing growing up live on this tour!! 

BABBI How’s the feeling on stage?

PK- It is different every night. Sometime I am just amazed at how we are doing this and sometimes I am over thinking things and am worried the show is not good enough.

NURI Hey there, did you enjoy the show in Argentina? Would you like to come back? And, where do you have all the presents we gave you? Love you Pat and hope to see you soon around here again!!! <3

PK- I had an amazing time! The crowd was amazing and yes of course we would love to come back. We took them home with us. See you agains soon. 

ERIKA TAMYHow do you expect your fans to react over AFADB?

PK- I hope everyone can get some inspiration from the documentary and hopefully enjoy the concert. It should be a good balance of fun and a serious story! 

ALYSSA A. Do you remember the Jedi Girls in Bazooka Rocks in Manila with the lightsabers?

PK- Oooo yeah! That was so cool seeing all those costumes. 

ISABELAWhat’s the most exciting part of being in a tour?

PK- PLaying shows every night is what it all comes down to. All the things you do in the day is just leading up to the show. It is the reason I am out here doing this. 

LAORA MARCONDES How often do you wash your hair?

PK- I wash it every chance I get. Every time I take a shower and there is shampoo and conditioner I go for it. 

ISABELA Why do you always dress up as a girl in halloween?

PK- I need to stop. People are starting to think I like it too much… Maybe I do.

JULIANA GATTS Who are your musical icons and which ones inspires you the most?
What’s essential to make the band grow?

Juliana, Brazil

PK- Bands like The Rolling Stones who can continue to make great music for so many years inspires me everyday to do what we do. 

JULIANA GATTS Hey, Pat. What do you think is more meaningful about making music?
What are your thoughts about the musical industry?
By the way, for me music is art, not just something you sell…
Thank you, love xx

PK- I think how the music can effect other people is the most important thing. The music industry is changing but it is a very exciting time to try and do your own thing and see what happens!

CAROLINA Hey Pat! I wonder what is your best childhood memory. Thanks for being so amazing!

PK- I have a hard time remembering things from that far away to be honest….. It sucks!

SANDRA M My love for you is like diarrhea, I just can’t hold it in

PK- It happens to all of us. 

SANDRA M If you were a worm, how long would you be?

PK- 29 billion

SANDRA M If I eat myself will I disappear or get fat?

PK- Both

MARISSA P! -Will you ever cut your hair?
-Will you marry me?

PK- Some day and Yes of course 

PATRICIA MERCADO What scares you the most these days?

PK- The world

LUIZA I’ve heard that you are pretty funny, hope you really are, but my question is, when are going to back to Brazil, we miss you a lot!

PK- Next year once we finish the new album!

ZOE I meant “if.” I hope my spelling error gets your attention.

PK- Spellinggggggg

ZOE You guys are pretty famous now is you think about it. Is there still something you’re not used to? (i.e. fan’s tattoos of The Maine lyrics, everyone singing along during your performance, fans freaking out when they meet you, hospitality of different countries, etc.) Anything weird, amusing, or surprising?

PK- I would not consider us to be famous by any means but the fact that people support us so much really means the world to me. I am taken back by it all and very happy. 

JEAN Hey there pat! What is your favorite song?

PK- Can't pick one mannnnn

DAPHNE Hey pat! Do you believe in love at first sight? :)

PK- I don't think so 

PRABHA MILITAR First thing you look for when you wake up?

PK- My phone

SARA If you had a fatal flaw like Achilles where would you want it to be?

PK- nkdsafklnsdlkfnlsdk

ISA :) Hey there, Pat!!!!!

- What’s the number one best thing about being in a band?
- What are some crazy things you do before you go on stage?
- How was your first ever concert experience?
- What was your most awesome costume for Halloween?
- Any advice on how to survive high school?
- Did you know that my friend is probably your long lost sister here in Manila?
- Can we be best friends 5ever? hahaha

I love you, thanks!

PK- I saw Third Eye Blind when I was really young. School is hard but take it for what it is and don't stress out about the small stuff

MARTA What band would you love to tour with and you haven’t done it yet?

PK- The Rolling Stones

KATIE Are you still going to do Pioneer on vinyl? And will the current tour merch be available online? Thanks :)

PK- We are working on it still yes. I is going to happen for sure just might be a little longer. Yes the merch will be up on eighty one twenty three

FLORILESS hi pat! :) i honestly think your hair is so nice and it looks really good on you but haven’t you considered cutting your hair like john’s or just having a clean short haircut like most of the guys have usually?

PK- One day. Not now

LAUREN Dear Pat, if you really wanted to go to concert to see a band that you reeeaaalllyy like but didn’t have a ride… what would you do??

PK- ahhh!! Just ask everyone you know

CHEL why does it seem like no one from america likes mayonnaise?

PK- Lots of people do… I hate it 

CHEL hi Pat, miss you back here.

what makes a person beautiful?

PK- Whats inside I suppose 

AMBER What is your favorite song to play live? And what’s one of your favorite songs The Maine has done ever?

PK- I love playing Growing Up on this tour. Don't Stop Now, Good Love are some of my favorites we have recorded. 

HAYOUNG hi i’m going to see you on saturday. c:
what’s an event in your life that changed your life?

PK- See you soon! That is hard i really do not think there was one moment that effected me in such a way. It has been a slow build.

AMBER What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever signed?

PK- Soooo many strange thingssss

AMBER Hi Pat, what are you most excited for us to see on the DVD? (just 13 more days!!)

PK- All of it. I am just excited we have a DVD I hope people watch it over and over and share it with friends. 

KAE hi Pat omg I love you so much it hurts huhuhu pls tell me that you love me too okay? HAHAHAHAH okay thats all xoxo hearts and kisses lol kbye

PK- Loveee ya Lyke a sistaaa

CAILLIN PALMERO I have two questions;
When is the Maine coming back to Australia? (And don’t be ghey and say soon or we will throw kanagroos at you) and secondly, what’s the best piece of advice you could give to someone :)
Ps I love you ;)

PK- Ahhh I need to come see you and eat Nandos…. When we finish the new album. No set plans yet but it will happen. I would say just do what makes you happy. 

JENN Are you sad? Because when I met you you seemed very sad, and I want you to be happy.

PK- I am sad sometimes and I am happy a lot of times. Just like everyone 

MIMI Pat, in your opinion, if you eat yourself will you disappear or get twice as big?

PK- bfejbfjkwnaekjnfkjwen

LIZZ I wrote you a letter and gave it to John after the Oct 19th show at GVSU. Did you at least read it? :) I love you guys! Your music is amazing and meeting you was a dream come true!

PK- I believe I did! Thanks for writing it and thanks for coming to the show

ARIEL Are you guys selling physical copies of Good Love?

PK- Not of just the EP but we have "Pioneer and The Good Love" for sale in the UK and will have some up in our online store for everyone else soon

MELISSA T (: You have a shit ton of questions. Anywho…

When you guys are planning a tour, how do you all decide which towns/states and venues to play in?

On a totally unrelated, non-question note, you each are amazing at what you do. Good luck with the next album! Already can’t wait to hear it. (: Haha.

PK- It really depends. If it is our own tour then we have more control but there are a lot of factors we cant control like if venues already have too many shows so we cant come things like that! 


PK- I love you all very much! We will be back i promise 

JECA Do you want to stay here in the Philippines in 1month? :)

PK- We will be writing our album!!!!!

MELINA ROMERO What would be your perfect day?or which was?love you,kisses from argentina :)

PK- They are all perfect 

ASPASIA MANETTASThe next time you guys do a tour and come to Michigan you guys should think about doing a show at Wayne State University or somewhere near here! Its in Detroit and we would love to have you play here(: love you Pat and the the whole band! You guys are truly awesome <3

PK- Sounds like a pan! Hope to see you soon 

JULIA NICHOLS Do you think you’ll do another full canadian tour?


_LUIZABRASIL_ Have you ever thought about doing highlights? I think it would look great :D haha xx love ya

PK- hahahaha nooooooooooo

EUGE Have you ever thought about how many people think about you? it’s so bizarre. imagine someone, out of the blue, thinking of your face…

PK- shah yeah I guess that is kind of strange if you really think about it 

MARÍA JOSÉ What is your favorite band?

PK- That is a very hard question. I do not think at this point in my life I could pick one 

JULIA What is your greatest fear?

PK- Getting confortable 

JULIA What always makes you feel better?

PK- My mind

JULIA If you could be a super hero, what would you be?

PK- The food guy...

JULIA Do you have some kind of strange habit?

PK- So many 

VICKY Did you have an exciting election day yesterday?

PK- Yeah it was good I was happyyyy

EUGE Hey Pat!

With a friend, we have something on mind,.. to give you…well, now this will sound creepy or too personal but what’s your shirt size? and the rest of the guys?



PK- I am a medium or small. Kennedy, Garrett, John are mediums, Jared is a large 

What song is the hardest for you to play? Also, do you remember me? I was at your Halloween concert in ATL last Wednesday dressed as an Incredible! I have you a bracelet for you to remember the show :) love y’all!

PK- Hmm. Don't Give Up on Us hurts my arms to play 

SAMANTHA M. Out of all the songs you guys have ever written, from Stay up, Get down to Pioneer, which one means the most to you and is your personal favorite? Also, which song is your favorite to perform live?

PK- We'll all be probably means the most

JACKIE Do you have a girlfriend?

PK- nope


hi (:

what makes you happiest?

p.s. ryan gose gave you a very strange letter i wrote once when i was in high school. i’d like to apologize for my awkward phase. we all had one, right? hehe

PK- Doing what im doing now. All of this….

hahaha no worries 

JULIA if you could be invisible for a day. what would you do?

PK- creep arounddd

SAVANNA what’s something weird about yourself that no one really knows?

PK- Not gonna say it here 

RILEY K. I just love your hair, Pat :) Any styling secrets to share? On a more serious note, what are your thoughts on the tracks you didn’t use on Pioneer or Good love? Any songs you wish you had put on the album?

PK- thanks!!!!!!!!!! Yeah there is one in particular that does not have a name that I would like for people to hear one day 

SAVANNA do you like fried pickles????

PK- I have only had them once and I thought they were just ok. 

SAVANNA what’s your favorite kind of gift to get from fans?

PK- Them coming to the show 

SAVANNA do you find it weird when people ship you with themselves??

btw ship pavanna okay ily bye

PK- hjerbfjkbekjbfljqewnfe huhuhuhuhuh

SARINA If you had the opportunity to choose a superhero power for yourself, what would you choose to have? And why?

PK- I want to be able to go on without food/sleep 

MADI HETICO Are you guys planning on trying anything new or different on the new album?

PK- Yeah we always try to branch out. 

CORII Who did you lose your virginity to? How / when?

PK- This questions is not meant for the internetsss

CECÍLIA OLIVEIRA Do you guys have any intention about return to Brazil this year? If you don’t, there is any plans to come back soon?

PK -2013

CYNTHIA What kind of sound can we expect from the next album? What will the material on there be like? Because I’m super excited to hear what kind of amazing songs you guys will write <3

PK- It is too early to tell but it will be Rock and Roll music

GABBY When did you first start becoming interested in forming a band?
Whats the most meaningful/touching gift a fan has given you guys?

PK- Once i watch the movie that thing you do 

RACHEL K What is the most fantastic thing that has happened to you since the band formed?
Love, Rachel in NJ

PK- Still doing this each and every day 

JUANITA Pat can i buy merch that is at the concerts online anytime? and do you know how inspiring The Maine’s music is to me? I Love You! <3 :)

PK- It will be online after the tour! Thank you for listening 

LÍVIA Sooo many already! Gonna be impossible for you to answer them all, but i’ll give it a try :)

Have you ever “fell in love” with a song/singer/band, just listening to it over and over again? If so, which one?
One more thing: each one of you could do a list (like Garrett’s one) of the songs you’ve been listening. Spotify is not available in my country yet :/

PK- I do not think I have fallen in love but probably close I suppose! Yeah I will make a playlist to post on here! 

ROBIN PEREIRA What is your favorite lyric from any of The Maines songs? Also my birthday is on November 13th :) will you wish me a happy birthday!? <3

PK- We all have been degraded

We all will be the greatest. 

Happy B day!!!!!


Hi Pat! I’m a HUGE fan of The Maine. I have listened to your music since 2008 and I finally saw you like this April in Tampa, but couldn’t make it to the performance in Orlando last weekend. My friend Angie is probably your biggest fan and it was just her birthday yesterday and I was wondering if you could possibly give a shout out on twitter,on tumblr, a video on facebook or anyway possible because it would probably give her a heart attack haha! I mean if you could do anything that would make my life. By the way, if you guys aren’t doing anything in March and want to take a vacation to Florida that would be great. My high school is in the top ten Relay For Lifes in the nation and we raised over $130,000 for cancer last year. It’s a big deal at our school and this year I’m a captain of a team. During the event there is a talent competition and other performances. If you are interested in performing, I guess use this email and let me know. I highly doubt this will be taken serious since I’m a junior in high school, but it would mean a lot to Angie, to me, and to the cause of finding a cure for cancer.
Thanks for taking the time to read this!

PK- Happpy birthday Angie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are going to be working on an album but that sounds like a great thing you are doing. Keep it up!!!! 

Hello You!

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