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Pat Kirch: Answers to Your Questions Pt.2

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 Hey everyone Pat Here!! I did my best to answer all of the questions and I am sorry if I missed a few. 


SOFIA What will you do if I told you that I want to grab you by the ears and kiss you?I love your ears!

PK- hahaha im not too sure 

CASSIDY what’s your favorite song to listen to at the moment?

PK- Doom and gloom by the stones is badassssss. Imagine your grandparents doing that

PAULA GREEN Where’s your favorite place to eat when you’re on the road?

PK- WaWa

TOM Will you please play If I Only Had the Heart and I’m Leaving in Denver next week?!?

PK- Yeah! 


What’s one of your favorite songs to play at a show? 
What’s your favorite place to tour?
Do you miss your family while touring?

PK- I love playing My Heroine. 

I love playing all around the world but playing back in the U.S has been great 

CLAUDIA Is there a certain band that’s inspired you to be in a band and become a drummer? c:

PK- That Thing you Do

ALEJANDRA when was the last time you cut your hair?

PK- I got a trim 2 weeks ago in Chicago a few minute before we walked out on stage 

CATHARINA What would you do if you could only eat mayonnaise for the rest of your life?

PK- I would die

EMMA! What’s the weirdest gift a fan has ever given you?

PK- Too many that I cant pick

MARIANA What was the first thing that you thought when you saw a girl (me) with a ‘Lesbian For Pat’ sign? And why Brazil is so special? We miss you!

PK- So awesome. Couldn't stop laughing. You have great people in your country 

LÍVIA Sooo many questions already, don’t think you’ll be able to answer all, but i’ll give it a try :)

Is there any song/singer/band that you “fell in love with” and couldn’t stop listening lately? If yes, which one?

PK- The Rolling Stones 

LAURA If you could play the drums for any band (besides the Maine) for a day, which one would you choose?
Who played at the first concert you went to?

PK- I would love to play for Foo Fighters. Third Eye Blind was the first show I went to

LAURENTAYLOR Any plans for western Canada soon?

PK- Yeah we really want to come back! 

FATHER HORTON HAMMERED From that first show in Arizona, wearing ties and whatnot and trying to make it, to making a phenomenal and hugely successful self-funded and self-released album (and the b-sides), do you think you’re happy with the results from all these years and with where the band is heading? How have the fans contributed to your faith/hope in the band? What’s one message all of you as a whole try to give while creating and playing music? Oh, and how much do you love D-generation X?
Hope y’all are doin’ well and having fun! I’m so happy that I was a part of this tour, and I’m truly in awe with all the progress you guys have made. It’s been a crazy run since ‘07, and I can’t wait to see you guys more in the future! <3

PK- It has been a crazy ride and yes of course the fans are the reason we have done what we have. It is an amazing thing and I hope it never ends. 

TATIANE Say three words that you think when you wrong something… Or when everything is wrong. My words: shit, I have my friends? No →shit Yes → ohhhhhhhhh yeah, help. hahahhaa

PK- I am not sure I guess I just use all the bad ones 

TATIANE Pat… If you would be another person? Who you will been? Don’t say Leonardo Di Caprio ’cause I will be in love for you, too, more.

PK- I just want to be me

SARAH CARDOZA you probably won’t read this BUT if ya do, if you could set each band member up with a celebrity, who would they be and why?

PK- All of them with Lebron James 

LACEY Do your ears frequently pick up radio signals?

PK- nopeeeee. Not funnnyyyyy….. kidding its ok 

RACHEL Hey Pat :)

- How does it feel to know that your music has had a massive impact of people’s lives? (including mine :)

- If you had to get one of your own lyrics to get tattooed on you what would you choose & where would you get it? :)

Rachel :)

PK- It is a strange feeling but I am very grateful to have so many awesome fans all around the world.

I guess I would have to go with

We all have been degraded 

We all will be the greatest. It was the first lyrics we ever had. 

BAYLEE LOUVIERE So I’m going to New Orleans for your show tomorrow… Will I be able to meet you and the other guys of The Maine?

I hope this already went downnnn

LACEY What’s your favorite memory of this tour so far?

PK- Playing so many different songs and going to Harry Potter world 

WILLIAM when you brought up the idea of not going to college and touring with a band instead, what did your parents think?

PK- They were very supportive. Im lucky 

JAZMYN If you had to live with one member of the band for the rest of your life, who would it be??

PK- Ahh thats so hard. I live with all of them most of the year so i could live with any of them 

HARRIS, YOUR FAVORITE MARTYR Have you ever gave a second chance to someone whom you loathe?

PK- Dogs

RAFAELA Have you ever had a girlfriend?what’s Your favorite music from pioneer?what was the best trip have you ever done? Do you like brazil? loveeeee youuuu <3 xoxo

PK- Yes I have. I like My Heroine 

CAROLINE Kill, Fuck, Marry: Harry Styles, Kennedy, Dave Ghostman

PK- Kill Harry Styles, Fuck Kennedy, and Marry Dave 

CYNTHIA Why are you not coming to the Pacific NW on the tour! I’ve seen you every time you guys have been around here or in SanFran but I cant make it to the SanFran show and its killing me!

PK- We will be back once we finish the album! Sorryyyyy

JULIA I love ‘’Everything I Ask For’‘, but it’s not in the recents setlists. Will you stop playing it?

PK- Just right now we are playing other songs. i will come back around im sure 

AMANDA What’s the best thing of beeing on Stage? x

PK- Playing music to people. 

ROBELI Well in a personal way, describe in two words all happened in this year as a band.

PK- Became ourselves 

TARYN Putting out Pioneer was an uphill battle for you and the band. Through all the shit you had to go through to release it, has it been worth it? Have you been generally pleased with the response with Pioneer and/or Pioneer & The Good Love?

PK- It has been the best thing we could have ever done. 

FERIII when are you coming to mexico city?
pleaaseeeeeeeeeeeee come soon!

PK- It is on our list!!!!! 

CHRISS What’s your favorite flavor of cupcake?

PK- Just vanilla

ASHLEY What did you dream about last night?

PK- I do really remember my dreams 

ROSIE GATENBY When will you guys be coming back to Canada next? When d’you think you’ll start recording for your next album?

PK- After the album is done! I am not sure just depends when it is all written but I suppose sometime early 2012 

ANNE What shampoo do you use?

PK- Whatever they have around or whatever my Mom buys 

HALEY You guys promised you’d be back to buffalo this tour ! What happened ?! We miss you up here !! </3

PK- Ahhh I know im sorry!!!! We will be back

HOPE I went to the PA, NYC and NJ shows, but because of the hurricane my flight to Ft Lauderdale got canceled. I want to make it up by going to the AZ show, how do I convince my mom to let me go? I need your wisdom master

PK- Ahh im sorry!!! Say I told you it is a must. No questions asked

MEG Pat, if your life was a song – what song would it be?

PK- Britney Spears 

P.S. I hope you’re having fun on this tour and I’m glad you got out of the northeast before all of the crazy weather hit! (I saw you a couple weeks ago in NY right before the storms.)

PK- Having a wonderful time thank you. Hope your safe! 

OLIVIA Did you guys receive a purple photo album looking scrap book back in december in new York! The names in it were Bianca Olivia and Nikki! I know it was a while ago but all I do is ask and I ne’er get an answer :/ thankyou and much love!

PK- Yes! Thank you

WHITNEY What is the one thing you miss from home while being on tour?

PK- My bed. Food whenever I want it 

KELSEY HORNER After this tour you’re currently on, are you guys going to record again? Or go on tour again?

PK- We will write/record a new album 

MATTICUS what shampoo do you use to keep your hair to look as luscious as it is?

PK- Whatever I can get my hands on 

NINA SALEH What’s your favourite T Pain song?

PK- no answer 

ELLEN WHITEHURST Would you ever shave off your beautiful hair? o;

PK- Not anytime soon 

ANGELINE have you guys started working on your new album yet?

PK- We are in the very very early stages 

AMANDA When you’ll be coming to Brazil again? x

PK- When the new album is done


PK- Ok! 

KATHLEEN What would you be doing right now if you weren’t in a band?

PK- Ahhhh I have no clueeee

YASSMIN Marry me??????

PK- K.

EILIDH In Nottingham you spent 10 minutes talking to me about my converse, did you get any in the end? ;)

PK- Yes i did!!!!

ALYSSA EARLENwill you ever cut/dye your hair?

PK- ONe day

KARINA DEELY Hi Pat <3 What is the hardest thing in your opinion, about being on the road so much? Btw come back to Boston soon ok?!

PK- I guess not ever having one place you are at. i am getting used to it though. Ok see you next time 

SAN How is your hair always so lush?!! Let the secret out to 17 year old girls please x

Sanjana, uk

PK- hahaha I have no secret!! I do not do very much 

CAROLINE Where do you guys practice now that your niece has taken over the band room? Do you think she realizes she’s sleeping in the room where the Maine has been growing up for the past five years?

PK- We rent out a little practice spot in AZ. haha I guess if I tell her but she probably wont care

CATHARINA What’s your favorite memory from the tour so far?

PK- Good times with good people 

SANDRA M Who’s cruel idea was it to put a ‘S’ in ‘lisp’?

PK- haha 

LACEY What do you you do with the gifts fans give you?

PK- Depends what they are. Eat themmmmm

CAROLINE If I supplied you with the lipstick, would you recreate your album cover? After all, you did say that if a man wanted to wear lipstick he could..

PK- Sureeee

ALESSANDRA WEAVER What was the first concert you ever went to?

PK- Third Eye Bline 

JULIA What’s your favorite music of The Maine? And your favorite Video Clip?

PK- Misery is my favorite video. Maybe Good Love is my favorite song

KATIE if you could meet anyone in the world, alive or dead, who would it be?

PK- Dave Grohl would be rad

MANDY If you won a billion dollars, what would be the first thing you would do with it??

PK- Buy a studio so we could record albums all the time. Selfish.. sorry then I would help some folks out 

MCKENNA TIRADO Do you ever get nervous when you meet a really attractive fan?

PK- hahaha I don't think so. Maybeeee and I just don't know it 

MACARENA if you could eat just one thing for the rest of your life, what would be?

PK- Steak and Potatoessssssss

TESSA Are you guys ever going to come back to Tucson?

PK- Yes. We really need too 

BIBIANA What’s your favorite book? You are amazing ;) xx

PK- I do not read. Sorryyyy. I know I know 

GABI C: Is it possible we could purchase an 8213 button? Jean vests/jackets should be something y’all add to merch! How excited are y’all about the DVD release? :D

PK- You can get the buttons on the mercy table now! Yeah that is a good idea. Very stoked for people to have a copy 

YVETTE What is one thing you’d like to be able to say about the new record when it’s finished?

PK- That is is the best album we could have made at the time 

YASSMIN what did you think of Brazilian fans?

PK- Crazy in a good way 

LIZ KROPALOPALIS Was anyone offended when I threw a banana on stage in Boston? My friend and I thought you guys might need a snack after the amazing show…

PK- hahaha no 

SARAH GARON Do you remember at your Detroit show in May when some girl tied Johns shoe on stage? Has that ever happened before?

PK- haha yeah that was a first 

SELA Hi Pat, you’re amazing & you’ve got luscious hair.

What is your favorite type of carrot?

PK- I don't know what they are called but they look like the big carrots but they are small haha

KRISTA Favorite tour you have been on??

P.S – i saw you in Philly about 2 weeks ago and you guys were amazing!! you continue to impress me with every show i go to :)

PK- That is so hard but the "Evening with The Maine" tour sticks out because it was our first ever headliner

KEIRA What’s the best part of being able to tour pretty much everywhere in the world?

PK- Seeing new places/faces and playing music for them! 

VIKTORIA Any plans on coming to Sweden? 
Did John tell you you look like my best friends 5 year old brother?

PK- We really want to come!!!!!

CAMILA what’s the best thing of being part of a band?

ps: brazil misses you guys! :)

PK- All of it is great 

JULIA What’s your favorite food?

PK- soooo hard it is alll soooooo goooooood. Feeed meee

TAYLOR JERNIGAN How does it feel knowing that you are a huge inspiration to most of your fans?

PK- It is a strange thing to get used too. We are lucky to have all of you listening to the music. 

BAILEY Can y’all PLEASE play Girls Do What They Want tomorrow?!

PK- Not sure when tomorrow is 

YASSMIN The Maine will return to Brazil to promote the dvd? please, we are missing you all :)

PK- We will not be coming back until the next album is done! 

CLARA When will you guys be coming back to Germany next? :)

PK- Yes! 

JULIA When you go back to Brazil?

PK- When the next album is done! 

MELISSA MONGE I was wondering if you could play I’m sorry and Saving Grace in San Diego, pleaaaase :$ <3

And also, if you answer questions on tumblr from only people you know?

I love youuuuuuu <3
cant wait to meet you :D

PK- We could try and do that! 

MEGAN COOPER What did you have for dinner last night?

PK- Really bad Pizza 

JULIA When will be done the next album? Some prevision?

PK- I ahem no clue to be honey. When it is right. 

DANIELLE Where do you guys buy your Jean jackets? They are pretty awesome:)

PK- Levis 

ALE CASTAÑEDA Why you don’t come to México guys? You have a lot of fans here!! especially in Monterrey

PK- We need tooooooo. It is high on the list! 

KAYLA Serious question: Will you marry me??? ;)

PK- yesss

MIKAELA CORTEZ Describe your favorite pair of underwear? And also, the Houston show is in two days and we’d LOVE IT if you guys played waiting for my sun to shine!

PK- Red boxerbreifs with  grey boarder 

CORI Do you still believe in writing hand written letters for people? You should write me one if you do. That’d be swell.

PK- Yeah I think t is a very nice thing to do

IDA Just wondering what you guys thought of the book I made you? (I gave it to John in Amsterdam, it had the Arizona state flag on the cover and the M logo on the back)

PK- That was amazing! Thank you very much 

JULIA What is the best country you have ever played?

PK- I cant pick to be honest we have great shows everywhere 

ALLISON B. ~ If you could listen to one album for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?

PK- I need some time on that one. It better be a long one though. 

GABRIELA RODRIGUEZ What do you think will be your biggest challenge as a band, going into the studio for this 4th album? (It feels like it was just yesterday that Pioneer came out! I can’t wait to see what you guys have in store for your fans with the new album!).

PK- I think we are going to put a lot of pressure on ourselves to make sure it is great and that we are all playing better and growing. 

JAYNA T-S I met you on Nov. 3 and took a picture with you and we’re currently my phone’s background picture, but i was just wondering if you would ever sing or play a different instrument in the band?

PK- Awesome thanks for coming to the show! Probably just the drums for me! 

DANA REANDELAR If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

PK- mayo

KATLYN What has been your favorite tour so far, in all the years you have been in a band?

PK- Evening with The Maine! 

MARISSA are you excited for everyone to see anthem or a dying breed?

PK- Pumped! 

VALERIE CHRISTINE If you had to switch spots with anyone in the band who would it be and why?

Will you ever cut your hair? (Please say no!)

If you weren’t in a band what do you think you would be doing?


PK- I wish i could sing.

I would be deaddddddd

MARI Best present a fan ever gave you?

PK- Them coming to a show! 

YOHANAN heeeeey back pro Brazil, please. Brazilian fans feel homesick, like me. we love you <3

PK- We love you more 

JESSICA THOMPSON How far in advance do you guys usually make the setlists? I’m going to the KC show and would love to hear Ice Cave and Give It To Me (:

PK- I make them the morning of the show! We can do at least one of those for ya

NICOLE ANNE What’s the weirdest thing you’ve done on stage?

PK- I guess I just make strange faces 

PAULA When are you guys coming back to Brazil?

PK- New album then i will see u 

SKYLER Will the new album be along the lines of Pioneer or completely different?

PK- Too early to tellllll

VIANNEY Do you ever get nervous going on stage?

Weirdest thing that has has happened to you on this tour?

PK- Depends on the show but yeah i get nervous sometimes 

MORGAN FOSTER If you were a disney princess, who would you be?

PK- Tinkerbell 

MARINA If you could do any show again, which one would it be and why?

PK- They all happened 

OPHÉLIE Since when do you play drums ? And do you have any advice for me to get better on playing drums ? :) (i play for about 3 years)
Bye, Love from France <3

PK- Just keep playing!!! I am not exactly sure when I rally started I guess I have been playing 9 years or so 

BEATRIZ REAL marry me???? I even dress as a boy to go out with you in hallowen!! love you pat.

PK- Lets dooooo itttttretwerjjdfkjdsklaj

NATASSJA what is it like growing up with the band and becoming famous more?

PK- I would not say we are famous but it has been a wild ridee

ALIZÉE Hy Pat, how are you ? 
Happy of the Obama’s election :)? 
And yeah, when we back in France ? You love France ? Other Paris, you have visited an other city :)? 
France love you ! <3.

PK- Im Haooy. We will be back in france soon. Im coming after your bread 

ROSIE GATENBY what is the weirdest thing a fan has ever given you?

PK- People are strange these days 

LUIZA favorite band you’ve ever toured with?

PK-Oooo I can not pick 

SCARLETT ORTEGA pleaseeeee come to mexicooooo is my dream

PK- It will happen 

BENNETT F Why did you make the switch from SJC to Gretsch USA Customs? I got my own set of USA’s back in August and am curious!

PK- That is a good question. The dudes at SJC are amazing but for me being with a company like Gretsch who works with Fender who we do our guitars with and are based out of Arizona just made the most sense! 

LUISA S. Pat, do you remember the SUPER MAINE girls from Brazil and Newcastle-UK?? We miss youu, please come back soon! Love you, xx

PK- hahah yeah so awesome 

KATIE if you could live in any period of time, what would it be?

PK- Present 

LEILA I feel like we could be really great friends. So, let’s?

PK- Lets do ittttt. Im strange 

JULIA What do you think about brazilian fans?

PK- Grade A 

STACEY Hi Pat! I am so excited for you guys to be working on another album! it seems as though I was just preparing myself for the release of pioneer! So my question is when do you guys see yourselves touring next? I know you guys said it won’t be until your new album is done, but when do you forsee that happening? I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT YOU GUYS FOR TOO LONG! :)

PK- Whenever it is done!!!!! I hope it does not take long

AMANDA KIMBLE How did you start drumming? Are there any drummers that you look up to?

PK- I watched the movie that thing you do…….

LUIZA What’s your favorite the maine lyric?

PK- We All Have Been Degraded

We All Will Be The Greatest 

MALÚ What’s your favorite music? (The Maine’s one and one of any other band)

PK- allllll of the musicssssssssss

SHANNON NELSON What’s your favorite song to play live from the Good Love EP?

PK- I Want You 

SYDNEY Pat, how often do you cut your hair?

PK- Not often enough 

AYAT Hey Pat! 
Can you give me advice on Ezra, my cactus? He’s the one with the hole in him! I think he’s getting worse!! 

PK- Water

ROSIE GATENBY How do you decide what songs to put on your setlist each tour?

PK- It is kind of random and just what we want to play and have not done on the last tour 

ELVIRA Will your merch from this tour be on sale online soon?

Also have you guys thought about doing another Christmas cover or from .. And a happy new year and making it all rockish?

PK- Yes it will be! One day we will do more holiday music 

FERNANDA Will you guys come back to Brazil next year? We need you guys again :\

PK- YEahhh baby 

CAMI Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!! Sorry I don’t want to be a bother haha but we miss you here in Argentina!!! Are you coming back soon??? I really really want to see you again!! And next year I’m flying to the states I hope I can meet you again!

PK- We miss you!!! See you agains oon 

MADISON BRYANT What are you most excited about The Maine doing in the future or with the new/upcoming record?

btwww… keep enjoying the pj’s :)

PK- Continuing to play rock and roll!!! 

KRISTEN Do you have any intentions of doing another Canadian tour sometime soon?

PK- Yeah we will after the album is done! 

MADISONHow do you feel about fans singing onstage with you guys? Xoxo

PK- It is a fun thing sometimesss

CHRISS Which country has the loudest crowd?

Do you want to eat cupcakes with me?

PK- brazil is loud. Jakarta was loud. You are all great

ABBY Why have you still not cooked me the delicious meal you promised me 2 years ago? We need to get on this :)!

PK- I am slacking 

KATIE why are you flawless?

PK- I am nottt

ROSIE GATENBY What are you most excited for/your biggest fear when it comes to the release of AFDB?

PK- People being able to watch it over and over 

GISELLE What are you most looking to in recording the next album?

PK- I love the entire process from hearing demos to having a full mixed album 

JES BULL Is the merch that is on tour gonna be available online after the tour is done?

PK- Yes mam

BECCA BATTISTA Hi pat, whats your favorite holiday memory and why? – @bcub3d

PK- Just being home with Family! 

AMY Doesn’t your hair get in your face when you drum? But it’s nice don’t cut it! :-)

PK- It doesssss

ELLEN WHITEHURST By the way, Come to Oregon again! c:

PK- Yes we need too! I had a great time last tour

MAUREEN Where’s your favorite place to be?

PK- Home. Or all over the world. Depends on the day 

ZOE COLBATH Is your armpit hair long enough to braid?

-zoe ╰(◡‿◡✿╰)

PK- shah it is not

STHEPHANNY do you miss brazilian fans? what you like in Brazil? can you come back here with never shout never or mayday parade? I miss you, John, Kennedy, Jared and Garrett. I miss your smile, the show in SP. I’m ready for the next show! Love u.

PK- I miss you all!!!!!

BELEN ROMERO Whats you favorite song at the moment? Love from Argentina

PK- Doom and Gloom by the stones 

AMANDA BARCELLOS Are you excited about get back to Brazil in 2013?

PK- Very

MADDY when do you plan on touring next??? mid 2013? late 2013?

PK- Mid 2013 I hope 

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