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AFADB Update + Hurricane Sandy Relief

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 Hello Everyone, we hope you are having a wonderful day. We've been
working extremely hard to release Anthem For A Dying Breed. This
process has had a ton of road blocks and we apologize for all of the
issues. Over the last few weeks we ran into a few more set backs.

The company who is manufacturing these DVD’s is based in New Jersey.
As you know, the east coast was hit by Hurricane Sandy. Many families
were displaced and affected drastically by this terrible storm. With
that said, our manufacture production schedule was pushed back due to
the staff having to deal with power outages and delays. This pushed
back the release of our DVD production an entire week. We hope you can
understand the situation and bare with us while we get things back in

The new date will be December 6th, which is the one year anniversary
of Pioneer. We want to make sure everyone receives their pre-orders.
The DVD’s are finally in production and you will all have your copy by
this date.

We also want to give back... With that said we will be launching a
special shirt to help the Red Cross and the victims of Hurricane
Sandy. 100% of the profits from this shirt will be donated to Red
Cross. Also, The Maine will personally be doubling the amount earned
from the shirt sale to give back to the people affected by the storm.
You can purchase your relief shirt on

In the spirit of Pioneer and the one year anniversary we will be
launching several campaigns on December 6th 2012. One such campaign
allows you to send a free copy of Pioneer to any of your friends that
have not listened to the record. We will also be giving away an Ipad
Mini fully loaded with all of our music, DVD’s and much more. More info to come!

We appreciate the ongoing support and making this record a reality.
Without you, we would not be doing what we do. We can not thank you
all enough! Pioneer represents more then just a record to us, and we
hope it feels the same to you.

Thank you, we hope you enjoy the DVD!
The Maine

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  • Alison Olson : November 23, 2012

    I want to by the Maine hurricane sandy relief shirt but the website says page not found. Where else can I get one??

  • Beth: November 15, 2012

    I’m pretty sure it means you should have your DVD on the 6th. So it’ll most likely be getting shipped a few days or so before that.

    @Kasey idk whether you mean the shirt or the DVD but the DVD you can get at and the top I’m pretty sure will be able to be shipped to the Philippines but it might cost a bit for shipping cause the shipping for the UK isn’t super cheap but it’s not outrageous prices like some other sites can be. (and you can’t really expect it to be all that cheap anyways considering the distance)
    Also I’m just a fan so I could be wrong.

    Also this is so great of the guys to be donating a bunch of money for Sandy that’s so awesome of them!

  • Karina: November 15, 2012

    I’m a little confuse Pat. i’m from Brazil and i didn’t undertand if i’ll receive the DVD until December 6th or if it’ll be realease only on this date..

  • Kaysey: November 15, 2012

    Is this available in the Philippines?

  • Christina: November 14, 2012

    Thank you so much for thinking about Sandy and the consequences and victims. I am from New Jersey and my area was hit very hard and I appreciate my favorite band looking out for us. Thank you, you rock! Love you guys!

  • Bea: November 14, 2012

    You guys are the best.

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