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8123 Fashion Blog: 3 Ways to Dress Up an Outfit

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If you are going out at night or just going anywhere that you need to look a little bit spiffy for, you can easily add one or a few things to your current outfits to help dress it up a bit and make you look cleaner and fancier for whatever occasion! Here are three easy things you can do to add a more dressed-up touch to your outfits.

1. Add a bow-tie!


Whatever you currently have on can be dressed up by adding a bow-tie! Bow-tie's aren't only worn with suits and tux's now a days, you can get a fun print or textured bow-tie and add it to your favorite shirt to give a fun fancy feel to the outfit. Match one with a button down, dark jeans, and boots and you instantly look sophisticated! (All from Topman).

2. Patterned button downs.

Dress up your favorite pair of jeans by adding a button down (tucked in with a belt or leave it out) instead of your everyday t-shirts. Leaving the rest of your outfit in solid colors, you can have in a little fun by wearing a patterned button down instead of just a plain white one! That gives you a chance to play around and show some personality within your outfit. (All from Ben Sherman).

3. Sleek watches.


Accessories always do more then you think and are often overlooked by meany when planning and outfit but they add so much! Getting a clean and sleek looking watch on you wrist adds a sense of almost professionalism to an outfit which can make it look a bit more fancy. Make sure their isn't too much happening on the face of the watch to keep everything looking tidy and fancy! (All from Urban Outfitters).

-Cara, @instantlyruby

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